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PKP IC EP07-332 prepares to leave Janowice Wielkie on a service to Przemysl, Poland, 20.04.2023. Due to the preparatory works to widen the railway tunnel in Trzcinsko at that time, all passenger trains started from and terminated at this station, and the passengers were transported by means of rail replacement bus service to and from Jelenia Gora. This section was completely closed to any freight traffic until all the preliminary construction works had been carried out.

Photo by Michal Kozicki (

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PKP IC EP07-335 is arriving in Czestochowa Stradom on the "Mehoffer" InterCity service from Jelenia Gora and Zielona Gora to Przemysl, Poland, 09.07.2023.

Photo by Michal Kozicki (

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PKP IC EP07-382 is arriving in Wroclaw Gl. on the "Piast" InterCity service from Krakow to Gdynia, Poland, 14.08.2023.

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PKP IC EP07-388 will depart from Jelenia Gora on the TLK "Orzeszkowa" service from Szklarska Poreba to Warszawa Wschodnia, Poland, 13.07.2023.

Photo by Michal Kozicki (