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EP07-365.jpg (145668 bytes)

PKP IC EP07-365 with IC "Barnim" from Katowice and Jelenia Gora to Szczecin is seen in the station of Poznan Gl., Poland, 03.11.2018.

Photo by Michal Kozicki (

ET22-1044.jpg (148173 bytes)

PKP Cargo ET22-1044 with a rake of car carriers is passing Poznan Gorczyn, Poland, 02.02.2019.

Photo by Michal Kozicki (

Moderus_Gamma_No_605.jpg (138446 bytes)

Moderus Gamma No. 605 on route 18 is stopping at Rondo Kaponiera, Poznan, Poland, 03.02.2019.

Photo by Michal Kozicki (