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SBB_Re44III_11353+11356.jpg (105251 bytes)

SBB Re 4/4III 11353+11356 in Giornico. 1984.

Photo and scan by M.Koblischka

SBB_Re44III_11353.jpg (134763 bytes)

SBB Re 4/4III 11353 in Erstfeld. 1982.

Photo and scan by M.Koblischka

SBB_Re44III_11356.jpg (109068 bytes)

SBB Re 4/4III 11356 in Chiasso. 1984.

Photo and scan by M.Koblischka

SBB_Re44III_11360.jpg (124504 bytes)

SBB Re 4/4III 11360 in Chiasso. 1984.

Photo and scan by M.Koblischka

4300bro.jpg (155145 bytes)

SNCF Diesel DMU X 4300 4316 is leaving Brou, on the way to Chartres TER86812. X73500 dmus are expected on this line. Up to now X4300, renewed or original, are on duty.

This picture was taken at the half time of the semi final France-NZ of rugby worldcup October 31st1999.

Photo and scan Patrick Meunier

4300LOU.jpg (160032 bytes)

SNCF DMU X 4630. With the yellow colour of Burgundy district, this renewed DMU is passing through Louroux de Bouble (Allier/Auvergne), operating a train from Montlu├žon to Gannat July 17th 1999 10H45

Photo and scan Patrick Meunier

X4309_BROU_1024-1.jpg (154094 bytes)

SNCF X 4300 4309 is halting under a grey sky in the station of Brou (Eure et Loir) on the 10th May 1989 6.28 pm. The building of the station was later deeply refurbished, so as to become more efficient for custumers, with less height and moreinternal commercial space.

Photo and scan Patrick Meunier

Strukton1824+302282_Amf.jpg (150791 bytes)

Strukton - The Netherlands
Strukton electric locomotive nr. 1824 (bought second-hand from NS) and old diesel locomotive 302282 (once NS 2282) are seen shunting in the station of Amersfoort.
The electric locomotive is to be rebuilt as a hybrid locomotive with batteries, to be able to operate without overhead power supply.
Amersfoort, 9 April 2020

Digital photo by Marco van Uden

DH-350_11_No_21.jpg (151254 bytes)

Hydraulic track car DH-350.11 No. 21 of PKP PLK with a trailer transporting a digger is passing Rebiszow towards Wegliniec, Poland, 09.04.2020.

Photo by Michal Kozicki (