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The end of the Haarlem - Zandvoort line. Zandvoort aan Zee station.

This is the oldest headstation in Holland, but there is little left from what supposed to be a Intercity station.


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The station building at Zandvoort, The Netherlands, seen from the platform. Concluding from the size of the building, there might have been more tracks and platforms to the right of the existing one. A few years ago, there was a freight yard right (north) of the present platform. Now, this area is built over with new houses, and Zandvoort is no longer served by freight trains.

Photo taken on 1999-08-27.

Photo and scan: Klaus von der Heyde

a_new_day_in_Holland.jpg (47177 bytes)

The bigin of a new day in Holland, The rising sun. And the train is waiting to bring a lot of commuters from Zandvoort to Haarlem. Zandvoort 12-1-04

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