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20060519_22_el142168_cargonet_el142171_cargonet_nyland.jpg (126166 bytes)

El14 2168 and El14 2171 in CargoNet-livery at Nyland Depot on May 19th, 2006.

Copyright by Heinz Steiner, Bahn in Nordschwaben

20060519_23_el142180_cargonet_nyland.jpg (148541 bytes)

El14 2180 outside Nyland Depot on May 19th, 2006.

Copyright by Heinz Steiner, Bahn in Nordschwaben

2El14_Oslo_S.jpg (132395 bytes)

2 El14s pass through Oslo S with an intermodal train probably bound for Stavanger

Photo by Ole Petter Ingebrigtsen (

CN-El14+16_Hamar.jpg (127566 bytes)

CargoNet - Norway
An intermodal trains with double traction of CargoNet electric locomotives classes El.14 and El.16 arrives at one of the platform tracks in Hamar.
Hamar, 23 June 2004

Digital photo by Marco van Uden

CN-El14_2167_Hamar.jpg (145904 bytes)

CargoNet - Norway
CargoNet electric locomotive El.14 2167 stands with an intermodel train in Hamar.
Hamar, 25 June 2004

Digital photo by Marco van Uden

El14-2174_Kristiansand.jpg (94678 bytes)

Norges Statsbaner - NSB ; EL14-2174 ; Kristiansand - 04.06.2018 ;

Photo by P. Zielinski

El14-Hokksund.jpg (86363 bytes)

NSB El14 with a goods-train bound for Bergen at Hokksund on 3 July 2001.

Photo by Søren Kjerside Hansen (

El14-Nordagutu.jpg (94880 bytes)

NSB El14 with a goods-train for Oslo at Nordagutu on 3 July 2001.

Photo by Søren Kjerside Hansen (

El14_Osl.jpg (65649 bytes)

Locomotives El14 2198 and El16 2203 in double-traction for the morning train to Trondheim in the Central Station of Oslo. Double traction is rather unusual in Norway, maybe one of the traction motors of one locomotive was broken or one of the locomotives had to be shipped to Trondheim.

Photo by Marco van Uden <>
Scan by Tobias B. Köhler <>

NSB142167.jpg (63677 bytes)

NSB locomotive 14 2167 at Kristiansand station. Class El.14 is derived from the Swiss class Ae6/6, and NSB owns these locomotives since 1968. Today they are used for freight traffic only; and their speed was decreased from 120 to 100 km/h. August 2000.

Photo: Toma Bacic

NSB142189_300802rp.jpg (105141 bytes)

NSB El 14 2189 with freight train near Kvitfjell, 2002/08/30;

NSB El 14 2189 mit Güterzug in der Nähe von Kvitfjell, 30. August 2002;

Digital photo by Daniel Stieger (

NSBCargoNet_El14_rr1.jpg (131677 bytes)

NSB El14

NSB El14 pausing in Bergen Depot, Norway (08.08.2003)

Digital photo: Reinhard Reiss ( Homepage:

NSB_14_2165_Drammen19.5.95.jpg (32658 bytes)

NSB 14 2165 Drammen19.5.95

Photo taken by stephen kerry (

NSB_14_2190_Drammen92.jpg (132403 bytes)

NSB 14 2190 Drammen March 92 Blizzards must have been raging high in the mountains as the Bergen-Oslo train comes to the more sheltered lowlands near Oslo.Never seen so much snow on the roof of a loco before.

Photo taken by stephen kerry (

NSB_14_21xx_Drammen_22.06.95.jpg (51189 bytes)

NSB 14 21xx Drammen 22.06.95

Photo taken by stephen kerry (

NSB_14_21xx_Lier_27_7_95.jpg (38062 bytes)

NSB 14 21xx Lier 27 7 95

Photo taken by stephen kerry (

P1010248.jpg (97632 bytes)

NSB El14 in Trondheim

P2210436.jpg (86919 bytes)

NSB El14 in Stange

P2210438.jpg (101546 bytes)

NSB El14 in Rudshøgda

Sarpsbor.jpg (129290 bytes)

Sarpsborg is one of the most important industrial cities in Southeastern Norway. Daily, the Orkla-Borregaard Paper Mill gets large quanitites of timber from the forestial districts northeast of Oslo, as the products leave the city by container trains. The last 35 years, the main locomotives for heavy freight duties have been the class El 14 (wheel arrangement Co-Co). In the beginning, these machines were used in long distance passenger trains as well as in freight trains, but when newer and faster locomotives were introduced to fast passenger trains, this class were mainly transferred to freight work. With an effect of 6930 hp and a tractive effort of 350 kN, they still are reliable and hard workers. The upper picture shows an El 14 in the original colour scheme of the Norwegian State Railways, resting after having transported a large stock of timber into the shunting yard of Sarpsborg. The picture below shows another El 14, painted in the new colour scheme of Cargo Net, a joint venture between the former freight divisions of the Norwegian and Swedish State Railways.

Leif-Harald Ruud ( -

bp22015.jpg (92776 bytes)

Class 14.2165 emerges from the tunnel at Arna on 14 June 1983. This class was built between 1968 and 1973. (rated at 5080 kW / 6900 hp)

Photo: Bevan Price

co-loco-mishap-jp.jpg (151769 bytes)

A chat with an NSB employee informed me that following heavy snowfall near Voss at the end of December 2005 a freight headed by this Cargo Net electric ran into a wall of snow and ended up down here...the driver fortunately surviving the impact. The wagons had been removed by the time this picture was taken on the 22nd February 2006 but the loco that clearly presented a bigger challenge still remained including the snowplough which can be seen on the ground.

Photo from James & Martin's Picture Collection Copyright 'Jampics'

British and Foreign Railway Pictures Jampics Fotopic.

kristiansand2005_8.jpg (155487 bytes)

10 April 2005, Kristiansand Station, Norway
Engine and sleepers in Kristiansand station.

Digital photo by Klaus Föhl (

kristiansand2005_b.jpg (114181 bytes)

10 April 2005, Kristiansand Station, Norway
Engine in Kristiansand station.

Digital photo by Klaus Föhl (

nsb14-2189.jpg (78071 bytes)

NSB 14-2189 in front of a freight train in Finse, August 1997.

Photo by Finn Møller  More pictures at

Stroemme.jpg (85049 bytes)

A ”rendezvous” in Strømmen east of Oslo 08.12.2002 between a Dmu of class 93 and a freight train hauled by an electric locomotice of class El 14. The 93s is a seldom guest south of Hamar, and this unit was probably used for educational purposes.

Leif-Harald Ruud ( /

20060519_27_el162207_cargonet_el142180_cargonet_nyland.jpg (103116 bytes)

El 16 2207 and El14 2180, both in recent CargoNet-livery at Nyland Depot on May 19th, 2006.

Copyright by Heinz Steiner, Bahn in Nordschwaben