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16+16_fin1.jpg (145914 bytes)

A container train from Bergen to Oslo, pulled by two CargoNet El16, east of Finse, 2005-08-15.

tobias b köhler

20060519_27_el162207_cargonet_el142180_cargonet_nyland.jpg (103116 bytes)

El 16 2207 and El14 2180, both in recent CargoNet-livery at Nyland Depot on May 19th, 2006.

Copyright by Heinz Steiner, Bahn in Nordschwaben

ASEA-16-2210-2016_07_29.jpg (154517 bytes)

Norges Statsbaner (AS)
ASEA EL16-2210 is going to Trondheim

29.07.2016, Oppdal

© W. Kolins

Alfred.jpg (135513 bytes)

Eurocity "Alfred Nobel" Hamburg-Oslo; just 8 kilometres south of its destination. This magnificant train was removed from the schedules in the summer of 1994, and 1 year earlier, it had lost its Eurocity status. The picture was taken in the springtime of 1992.

Photo by Leif-Harald Ruud (;

CN-El16_2213_Hamar.jpg (149182 bytes)

CargoNet - Norway
Electric locomotive El.16 2213 stands at the head of an intermodal train, with a class El.14 as second locomotive. In a moment, the El.16 will be removed from the train while the El.14 will continue with the train towards Trondheim.
Hamar, 23 June 2004

Digital photo by Marco van Uden

CargoNet_16_2201_Hallsberg_11-10-2011.jpg (152671 bytes)

CargoNet El 16 2201, Hallsberg 11.10.2011

Photo by F.Litterst

Dromtorp.jpg (115413 bytes)

A commuter train, consisting of 40 years old express coaches and hauled by electric loco No. 2205 of class El 16, passes an industrial area east of Ski on its way from Oslo to Sarpsborg.

Introduced in 1977, El 16 was derivated from the Swedish class Rc 4. Their first duties were in the prestigious expresses on the Bergen line and in the intercity trains between Oslo and Gothenburg. A suitable dual purpose loco, it served heavy freight trains as well as important passenger trains, and could be described as a “jack of all trades” until it was rivalled by the class El 18 in the late nineties.

Today, these locos are mainly withdrown from passenger services, and are mostly observed in the grey/black/yellow colours of CargoNet – the freight division of the Norwegian State Railways. Some locos have also been sold to the Swedish Company AB Tågkompaniet.

Leif-Harald Ruud ( /

NSB162206.jpg (62913 bytes)

NSB electric locomotive El 16 2206 with InterNord 384 (København - Oslo), July 1996 in Göteborg. The train was 40 minutes late there, but arrived in Oslo almost on time! The El 16 2206 has different pantographs and ventilation grilles than the other El 16 locomotives.

Photo by Tobias Benjamin Köhler (

NSB_16_2205_Gol_3_08_95.jpg (30013 bytes)

NSB 16 2205 Gol 3.08.95

Photo taken by stephen kerry (

NSB_16_22xx_Gulskogen_7_5_95.jpg (42709 bytes)

NSB 16 22xx Gulskogen 7.5.95

Photo taken by stephen kerry (

NSB_16_xx_+TAGAB_infrast__train_Drammen.jpg (43364 bytes)

NSB 16 xx +TAGAB infrast. train Drammen

Photo taken by stephen kerry (

P1230151.jpg (115413 bytes)

NSB El16 in Oslo S

Roaas.jpg (153150 bytes)

An electric loco of Norwegian State Railways class El 16 is hauling a peak hour regional train for Sarpsborg in the charming countryside 25 kilometres south of Oslo. Photographs who want to catch these locos in passenger trains are in a certain hurry, as the class El 16 mainly will be used in freight trains in the future.

Photo by Leif-Harald Ruud ( -

Voss_2002.jpg (186365 bytes)

A westbound freight train hauled by an electric loco of CargoNet class El 16 arrives at Voss station in July 2002. In the late nineties, the freight division of the Norwegian State Railways was outsourced, and a fleet of former multi-purpose locos were repainted to the new grey/black/yellow scheme of CargoNet.

Photo by Leif-Harald Ruud ( -

bp21925.jpg (68676 bytes)

Class 16.2210 in Bergen station on 13 June 1983, after arrival from Oslo. Class introduced 1977. (rated at 4440 kW/6040 hp)

Photo: Bevan Price

el16_2217_001.jpg (128336 bytes)

Norway: CargoNet
Electric locomotive class El 16; buildt: 1977-1984;  former owner: NSB
axles: Bo`Bo`; kw: 4440; speed:140 km/h; long: 15,52 m

Öxnered (Sweden) 2002-09-25
El 16 2217 hauling a freight train from Oslo to Göteborg

Photo: S.R.Schöpfer (

el_16_2204_voss_7-95.jpg (121775 bytes)

NSB El 16 2204 in Voss 7/1995.

Photo by Michael Hanisch (;

holstad.jpg (144424 bytes)

Norwegian State Railways class El.16.2208 with an express train Oslo - Malmö/Copenhagen at Holstad 29 kilometres south of Oslo in springtime 1992. The 2 coaches behind the locomotive are Danish; then following 2 Swedish and 3 Norwegian coaches. The picture is historic for 3 reasons: 1. This part of the southern line between Oslo and the Swedish border was replaced by a new high-speed line 400 metres far north in 1994. 2. Nowadays, the few remaining daytime international trains consist of all-Swedish stock in blue Inter-Regio colours. 3. After the new Öresund connection Malmö - Copenhagen, all international trains from Oslo end up in Malmö.

Photo by Leif-Harald Ruud (;

nsb_el16_2202_1.jpg (76026 bytes)

NSB El 16 2208 und El 16 2202 in Oslo S.

Datum: September 2000

Digitalfoto von Steffen Hahn.

nsb_el16_2202_2.jpg (79401 bytes)

NSB El 16 2208 und El 16 2202 in Oslo S.

Datum: September 2000

Digitalfoto von Steffen Hahn.

nsb_el16_2208_1.jpg (60514 bytes)

NSB El 16 2208 und El 16 2202 in Oslo S, links eine weitere El 16.

Datum: September 2000

Digitalfoto von Steffen Hahn.

nsb_el16_2208_2.jpg (72275 bytes)

NSB El 16 2208 in Oslo S.

Datum: September 2000

Digitalfoto von Steffen Hahn.

nsb_el16_2208_3.jpg (70703 bytes)

NSB El 16 2208 in Oslo S, im Hintergrund ein Bm 69 und ein Bm 71.

Datum: September 2000

Digitalfoto von Steffen Hahn.

nsbel16a.jpg (106694 bytes)

NSB electric locomotive El16, old livery, coupled behind an El11, with passenger train near Oslo.

Photo by Tobias B. Köhler (

nsbel16b.jpg (85625 bytes)

NSB electric locomotive El16 2211, new livery, with Bergensbanen passenger train in Voss.

Photo by Tobias B. Köhler (

racetr04.jpg (55141 bytes)

Norwegian State Railways electric locomotive of class El.16 with peak hour regional train for Sarpsborg 109 kilometres south of Oslo in the early afternoon of 23.06.2000. Probably, it is waiting for a crossing train, as this particular line is single-tracked.

The coach behind the locomotive once ranged among the most comfortable 2. class passenger coaches in Norway, with reclining, turnable seats and well space even for long legs. Today, however, its age (37 years) has removed this class from the best express trains to more humble duties.

Photo by Leif-Harald Ruud (;