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72_Oslo_S.jpg (101090 bytes)

Passengers boarding a Class 72 regional EMU at Oslo S

Photo by Ole Petter Ingebrigtsen (

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The interurban Emus of class 72 were introduced to the Oslo Metropolitan Area 21.11.2002, and three days before, they were tested on the mainline southwards from Oslo.

This picture was taken in Ski on 18.11.2002.

Leif-Harald Ruud ( /

BM72107_moss1.jpg (123521 bytes)

NSB BM 72107 in Moss, 2005-08-16 at 22:12, photo taken from the night train to Stockholm. These units are still rare in the commuter traffic around Oslo.

tobias b köhler

Emu72.jpg (83472 bytes)

Emus of the new class 72 have recently arrived at Drammen from Italy; waiting to be tested before their debut in ordinary traffic. These trains are built by Ansaldo, and will be introduced to the local networks around Oslo and Stavanger.

Leif-Harald Ruud ( /

NSB-BM72_025_Stavanger.jpg (137311 bytes)

NSB - Norway
Many trainsets of the new class BM72 commuter EMUs have already been delivered, but due to teething problems they can hardly be seen in service. BM72 025 is stabled in the station area of Stavanger.
Oslo, 25 June 2004

Digital photo by Marco van Uden

P1230149.jpg (86704 bytes)

NSB BM72 in Oslo S

PA260020.jpg (76784 bytes)

The brand new Emus of class BM72 can offer a high level of comfort, even if they shall work as commuter trains.

This picture was taken 26.10.2002, when members of the Norwegian Railway Club (NJK) could enjoy a visit at the Emu workshop in Drammen near Oslo.

Leif-Harald Ruud ( /

Vinter2.jpg (59603 bytes)

An emu of class 72 passes through the charming countryside of Indre Østfold, 47 kilometres southeast of Oslo, on 04.12.2002. This picture might show a certain lack of traffic potential, but, in fact, the branch line from Ski (24 kilometres south of Oslo) to Mysen 39 kilometres far southeast makes service to about 40.000 inhabitants. A large part of these are working in Oslo.

Leif-Harald Ruud ( /

bm72-7.jpg (56988 bytes)

NSB type 72 EMU, set 7 (72007) at Lillestrøm station, 4 March 2007. These EMUs have been delivered by AnsaldoBreda and have been suffering from teething problems. However, they still remain in service on the Oslo and Stavanger commuter network.

Photo by E.M. Iversen (

no_stavanger1.jpg (152607 bytes)

Railway sation Stavanger, NO
Aug. 2003

Photo by Archimost
archimost at

no_stavanger2.jpg (94852 bytes)

Railway sation Stavanger, NO
Aug. 2003

Photo by Archimost
archimost at

puls2.jpg (59603 bytes)

NSB BM72 at Stavanger station during testing december 2002

Photo by Petter Ramsdal (