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Picture of the Month - December 1997

Picture and scan by Ross Aitken (
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Class 37/4 - 37424

Built: 13-may-1965 by English Electric at Vulcan foundry.
Works No: E3539/D968.
Engine: English Electric 12CSVT of 1300 kW (1750 hp) at 850 rpm.
Main Alternator: Brush BA1005A.
Traction Motors: English Electric 538/A.
Max Tractive Effort: 256 kN (57440 lbf).
Cont Tractive Effort: 184 kN (41250 lbf) at 11.4 mph.
Power at Rail: 935 kW (1254 hp).
Brake Force: 50t.
Design Speed: 90mph.
Max Speed: 80mph.
Train Heating: Electric with an ETH index of 30.
Train Brakes: Air & Vacuum.
Multiple Working: Blue Star Coupling Code.
Communication Equipment: Cab to Shore Radio-Telephone.
Lenght over Buffers: 18.75m.
Wheel Diameter: 1092mm.
Weight: 103 to 108t.
Route Availablity: 5 or 7.
Twin Fuel Tanks Fitted.

Built on 13-may-97 as D6979 as a mixed traffic loco.
Renumbered to 37279 under the TOPS numbering scheme in the early 1970's.
Further Renumbered to 37424 in 1986 when it was one of the 31 selected for refurbishment and fitting with Electric Train Heating Equipment, Reageared CP7 bogies and having it's Main Generator (English Electric 822/10G) replaced with a Main Alternator (Brush BA1005A).
Named 'Glendarrock' from 09-dec-87 to 31-oct-88.
further Named 'Isle of Mull' from 30-apr-90 to 31-oct-94.

This picture shows this loco in it's guise of 37424,which is now owned & operated by EWS and is seen passing through Slateford station,Edinburgh with the 6Y51 20:00 Millerhill to Fort William Enterprise service on a wet 25-july-97 just as the heavens really opened up.
The Enterprise service is basically a resurection of the former Speedlink service BR operated in it's days which conveyed wagons picked up at certain pickup points and dropped of at certain points which means although the train operates to Fort William from Millerhill,the stock that the train conveys in it's consist may not be going the full distance.

Picture by: Ross Aitken.