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Picture of the Month - March 2004

Photo by Akos Varga (
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Budapest heritage trams (Hungary)

Heritage twin-set BLVV 21+22 on the location of a movie shooting at Görgey Artúr utca, Újpest, 1 February 2004.

The twin-set was built in 1930 out of two 1911 solo tramcars. Later it was renumbered to 9600+9601, then to 2400+2401, and then to 2420+2421. The twin-set was renovated to its 1930 state in 2000 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the electrification of the BLVV lines (BLVV was a suburban railway company serving Pestszentlőrinc - parts of their lines have become tram routes 42 and 50).

This vehicle is now a gem in the Szentendre Urban Transportation Museum, and has been brought back to the Budapest tram network only to perform in a historical movie.