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1996-07.jpg (63997 bytes)

New MOB locomotive of the 8000 series, Zweisimmen station, 03-23-96

Photo: Klaus P. Canavan, Aachen <>.

1996-10.jpg (91526 bytes)

TGV Duplex trainset 202 on display at Paris Bercy, September 1996

Photo and scan: Clem Tillier (

1996-11.jpg (36240 bytes)

Brand new motor car class mDDM. These electric motor cars have passenger seats on the upper floor, and electrical equipment on the lower floor. Take a look at the strange arrangements of the axles: Bo'Bo'Bo', all axles powered! Venlo, 23/10/96.

Photo and scan by Maarten Deen <>

1996-12.jpg (108759 bytes)

On its way to Norway the new Talent here seen arriving at København H.

Photo 30 september 1996 by <>

1997-01.jpg (65311 bytes)

TBDu 001 (TGV 001)
Morcenx, Wednesday November 16, 1977.

Photo Jean-Paul Lescat (

1997-02.jpg (197589 bytes)

Ferrovie dello Stato italiane (FS)
ETR 500

ETR 500 in service to Milan from Rome at Milan Central Station
November, 1996

Photo: Marianna Lopizzo (
Scan: Stefano Bertolotti (

1997-03.jpg (114932 bytes)

Lok NWE 11 (99 5901) im Bahnhof Drei-Annen-Hohne anläßlich "100 Jahre Mallettlokomotiven im Harz" am 08.02.97. Diese Lok wurde 1897 gebaut.

Foto und Scan: Olaf Herrig ( )

1997-04.jpg (71204 bytes)

MÁV class M61 EMD-NOHAB in its original livery. Just the herald on the nose is different, originally it was a bright red star.
Picture taken during the big locomotive show for the 150th anniversary of the Hungarian railways on 13-14 July 1996 in Budapest.

Photo by Janos Ero <>
Scan by Marco van Uden <>

1997-05.jpg (168868 bytes)

The brandnew express locomotive 101 005 of the Deutsche Bahn AG standing in Aachen Hbf. This new class is built by ADtranz and will replace the class 103. The photo was taken on 10th of April 1997.

Technical data of class 101:
Builder: ADtranz, Berlin
Builder date: 1997
Wheel arrangement: Bo'Bo'
Length: 18950 mm
Weight: 86.9 t
Maximum speed: 220 km/h
Current system: one-phase AC 15kV / 16.7 Hz
Electrical equipment: three-phase current asynchronous motors
Continous power rating: 6400 kW

For further information about the class 101 take a look on my webpages:

(C)1997 by Eike M. Belgardt (
Scanned with Polaroid SprintScan 35 of the RWTH Aachen, Germany

1997-06.jpg (206532 bytes)

Ae 6/8 205 at the Faulensee. The photo was taken on the 28th of June 1993.

(c)1997 by ... Torsten Giesen (
Scan by ... Eike M. Belgardt (
Scanned with Polaroid SprintScan 35 of the RWTH Aachen, Germany

1997-08.jpg (60550 bytes)

Historical electric motor car TEVD 22 and open coach of the Tatra Electric Tramway in front of the beautiful station of Stary Smokovec. This narrow gauge motor car was built in Hungary in 1913. 14/06/97.

Photo and scan by Marco van Uden <>

1997-10.gif (216381 bytes)

Eurostar train at Waterloo International, London. October 1995.

Photo by Christian Larsen ( cic& ).
Scan via Photo CD by Christian Larsen.

1997-11.jpg (32363 bytes)

Pm36-2 a while after arriving to Wolsztyn with the passenger train from Poznan, at 11 p.m. on Saturday, October 12, 1997.

Photo and scan: Jerry D. Stawarz (;

1997-12.jpg (97920 bytes)

Class 37

37424 passing through Slateford, Edinburgh with the
6Y51 20:00 Millerhill - Fort William enterprise service on 25-july-97

Photo: Ross Aitken (

1998-01.jpg (99566 bytes)

A nice photo from the beautiful M41 2112. The picture was taken at Apc-Zagyvaszántó station (Hatvan-Somoskőújfalu line) where she was waiting for an international train with her Salgótarján-Hatvan passenger train on August 21, 1997.

Photo by Borkovits Tamás <>

1998-02.jpg (82344 bytes)

NSB locomotive EL. 18 2255 passes in track 1 at Urdland station in train 64, heading from Bergen to Oslo, with train 601 standing by in track 2. On sunday 2th March 1997.

Photo and scan by Morten E. Larsen (

1998-03.jpg (149825 bytes)

Westbound freight hauled by Dutch Railways 1208 (with 1122 on transport) leaves Tilburg on 23rd May 1997.

Photo and scan by Stuart Pearce <>

1998-05.jpg (121899 bytes)

OSE locomotive A-477 in Athens station.
Built by ADtranz, these are OSE most modern diesel locomotives featuring AC traction, fuel saving facilities and convertibility to electric locomotives.
Date: April 25th, 1998

Photo by Gerasimos Maniatis (

1998-07.jpg (61337 bytes)

Date: 2 may 1998
Subject: First electric tram in Kiev (built 1892). Kontraktowaja square, Kiev

Photo: O. le Comte (

1998-08.jpg (154583 bytes)

07 Jun 98;

Niederösterreichische Schneebergbahn 999.03 "Waxriegel" at Hochschneeberg station

Photo and scan by Herbert Ortner (

1998-09.jpg (41375 bytes)

The first experimental consist of the tilting intercity EMU of SBB CFF FFS, class RABe 500.

Photo from, used by permission. © SBB CFF FFS 1998

1998-10.jpg (38433 bytes)

A modern diesel motor car, the M4 405, of the Ferrovie della Calabria in the Cosenza station on 29 June 1998. It's about to depart to Catanzano Città.

Photo by Rian van der Borgt <>
Scan by Lars Blaauw <>

1998-11.jpg (60535 bytes)

1401 a 1405
Locomotoras 1401,1402,1403 Actualmente en FEVE
Locomotora 1404 sold CHEMINS DE FER DE LA PROVENCE (1.992)
Locomotora 1405 sold Ferrocarril de BROHLTAL (Alemania) Agosto 1.998

Henschel diesel locomotive 1402 (FEVE class 1401-1405). Locomotive 1404 was sold to the Chemind de Fer de Provence in France in 1992, and 1405 was sold to the Brohltalbahn in Germany in August 1998.

Photo and scan by Ramón Capín Roa []

1999-01.jpg (52095 bytes)

SNCB/NMBS Station of Gouvy (on the line Liege - Luxembourg)1987.
From left to right: 6088 / 5542 / 1809(cfl) / 1603(cfl) / 5103.

Scan Guy Demeulder (

1999-02.jpg (55509 bytes)

HSB - Harzer Schmalspurbahnen GmbH, Germany

Meter gauge 1'E1'h2 steam engine 99 7222. Built by Berliner Maschinenbau AG (BMAG) in 1931, it was the prototype for the 99 723x/4x series locomotives built by Lokomotivbau Karl Marx Babelsberg (LKM) in 1954 to 1956.

You'll find this and lots of more information about "Harzer Schmalspur Bahnen" in Philippe Quiot's Harz pages, here on European Railway Server.

Picture taken on 1998-07-17 at Wernigerode Westerntor depot.

Photo and scan: Michael Kaben, 24214 Schinkel, Germany

1999-03.jpg (75555 bytes)

Two diesel trainsets "Integral" of the Bayerische Oberlandbahn in front of the new workshop in Lenggries on 05/02/1999. Gradually these new trainsets replace the locomotive-hauled trains on the lines from München to Lenggries, Tegernsee and Bayrischzell.

Photo and scan by Marco van Uden <>

1999-04.jpg (52970 bytes)

Another picture of the M62-165 "Sergei" while rescuing the M61,006 NOHAB-GM. During this manoeuvre two TCs of the Sergei failed (short circuit because of the huge snow), but after some repairing the drive has continued - the train arrived to Tapolca with a delay for two hours - at the end the Sergei was run on 4 instead of 6 TCs..

Photo and scan by Ákos Horváth.

New pictures and infos are always available at my NOHAB-GM site!

1999-06.jpg (54998 bytes)

Diesel Multiple Unit 170 108 in the attractive Midland Mainline livery at St Pancras station. These units are to form the semi-fast services between London and Nottingham & Derby. These units were not in service at the time of the photograph at the beginning of May 1999, though they worked two return services and also the Derby - Matlock service.

Photograph taken with a Kodak DC260 Digital Camera, copyright belongs to Andrew Ducker, you can email at or visit my webpage at

1999-08.jpg (32816 bytes)

SNCF X72500 DMU heading to Paris, from Chateaudun, alongside the TGV line 2. Its face looks like TGV, but track quality prevent passengers from dreaming.
Moinville la Jeulin (28)
June 27th 1999

Photo and scan Patrick MEUNIER PMEUNIER22@AOL.COM

1999-11.jpg (62081 bytes)

14 Aug 1998;

HZ 1061 022 in Rijeka station waiting for departure to the slovenian border. The train is only one wagon - a powerful engine for such a short train !

Photo and scan by Herbert Ortner (

1999-12.jpg (78719 bytes)


ICE-3M 406 001 during commisioning trials in the Netherlands at Almelo on the 20th of October 1999.

Photo and scan by: Peter Schokkenbroek
For more info see:

2000-01.jpg (44889 bytes)

1501-6 - Depósito do Barreiro, com a pintura original. 21/04/98

Barreiro depot, in original livery. 21/04/98

Photo and scan by Rúben Lopes (

2000-02.jpg (38595 bytes)

BB 62477, 62443, 62414, 62439, 62405 and 62403
Travaux LGV LN5
Vendredi 07/01/2000, Gare TGV d'Avignon

Photo Jean-Paul Lescat ( )

2000-03.jpg (93072 bytes)

RENFE : 1-1-1 Mataro

Tren del centenario compuesto por la "Mataro" y sus coches. Barcelona 10/98

Train composed by steam locomotive "Mataro" and passenger coaches in original livery.

Photo: Carlos Pérez Arnau (

2000-04.jpg (46614 bytes)

Siemens/Krauß Maffei made locomotive EG 3103 to be delivered for DSB Gods (freight branch of DSB) during trials on Cerhenice test circuit, Czech republic; 22.3.2000

Photo and scan: Petr Kaderavek (

2000-05.jpg (46512 bytes)

Electric locomotives 1016 005-9 and 1116 001-7 face to face in Wien-Westbahnhof, 02.04.2000

Photo and scan by Chris Dvorak (

2000-06.jpg (70680 bytes)

EU43-001 with a manufacturer logo - "ADtranz"
Warszawa Wsch. (East Varsaw) station, experimental train no 14640/41, just before departure on CMK where will be tested at 200km/h speed (first test with full weight 600 tons - 11 cars) on 29 april 2000 at 11:50 a.m.

Photo by Rafal Tomasik

2000-07.jpg (76742 bytes)

Die 'neue' Lokomotive V200.1 der Osthavelländischen Eisenbahn am 08.06.2000 auf den Gleisen des OHE-Güterbahnhofs.
The 'new' Locomotive V200.1 of the Railways of Easthavel country (Berlin) on the Tracks of the OHE-freight terminal (06-08-2000).

Foto und Scan Volker Gelmroth (,

2000-10.jpg (59410 bytes)

Old making place for new
Old regional train class 311/315 (315-007/311-004/315-008 at the back) departs to make place for the new regional train class 312 (312-003/312-004 in the front).
On Ljubljana railway station during the invaguration ceremony for the new class 312 (Siemens Desiro) regional trains.
Date: 26. september 2000

Photo: Metod Kozelj (

2001-01.jpg (39088 bytes)

The panorama coach AFS2 203 passes over a bridge a few hundred meters east of the railway station in Narvik.
The five panorama coaches was build for the Rheingold trains between Amsterdam and Basle. The cars is painted in the green-white livery used by Tågkompaniet. Each car has Pictures of an animal common in the Swedish Alps.
April 2, 2000

Photo by Jan Nilsson; www

2001-03.jpg (35796 bytes)

Diesel locomotive A-9104 (ALCo) shortly after rebuilt when new (probably MLW built) engine was fitted.
Picture taken at Pirgos on 6 November 2000

Photo by Gerasimos Maniatis (

2001-04.jpg (71867 bytes)

Rebuilt "Allan" diesel motor car class 300, now class 350. The interior is upgraded by company CMC Interiors.

Photo provided by Mónica Coral <>

2001-05.jpg (49134 bytes)

On the 10th of April 2001 Chemins de fer du Jura recieved from Stadler in Bussnang the first of four articulated trains. This vehicles are built for metric gauge and 1500 V DC catenary. There are a lot of similar components with the 14 trains of class 425.950 for High Tatra line of ZSR. They will replace older trains built 1952/53 when the 74 km have been completly elctrified. This two types of trains are similar with those built for Biel - Täuffelen - Ins and Chemins de fer électriques Veveysans. The first train ABe 2/6 631 is seen on the 11th of April 2001 in Le Noirmont during gauging tests.

Photo and scan <>

2001-06.jpg (61539 bytes)

TGV Sud-Est 80 at Annecy the 02/10/2001 at 4h50 PM.
The last TGV in orange livery was the 10, 80, 83 and 84.

TGV Sud-Est 80 ŕ Annecy le 10/02/2001 ŕ 16h50.
Les derniers TGV en livrée orange étaient les 10, 80, 83 et 84.

Photo and scan by Couvrat-Desvergnes Tanguy -

2001-07.jpg (50932 bytes)

Lok 1110 der dänischen Privatbanen Sřnderjylland (PBS Eurorail) am 12.04.2001 in Niebüll.
Loco 1110 of the danish Privatbanen Sřnderjylland (PBS Eurorail) in Niebuell (D) on 04-12-2001.

Digital-Foto von Volker Gelmroth (

2001-08.jpg (68981 bytes)

The old Standard cars of the Glasgow tramway system seen at Crich June 2001. These trams date back to 1923 and if not for the war would have been replaced by the Coronation Class of trams. As events transpired these trams saw out the system with the Coronations that should have replaced them.

Copyright belongs to Andy Ducker. Email address

All pictures taken on a Kodak DC260 Digital Camera, and slightly processed using Paint Shop Pro 5

2001-09.jpg (110562 bytes)

Operating historic MOW Railcar rebuilt from russian automobile "Csajka" in the Hungarian Railway Museum "Füsti". Budapest, 29.04.2001.

Digital photo by P. Rozgonyi (

2001-10.jpg (79995 bytes)


Prototipo del tren diesel pendular TALGO XXI, en la antigua estacion de Castellon, realizando pruebas en el corredor mediterraneo.

Prototype of the tilting diesel train TALGO XXI, in the old station of Castellon, carrying out tests in the mediterranean corridor.

Castelló 2000

Photo : Fernando Monroy

2001-11.jpg (75335 bytes)

503 of RWE Rheinbraun pulls a train of empty coal wagons to the opencast mine Hambach on 10 October 2001. As far as I know, this brown coal mine is the biggest artificial hole of the world. The trains run on standard gauge track, but the loading gauge is bigger than on DB lines. Also the axle load is higher, I think it is 35 metric tons because this four-axled loco has 140 tons. The maximum speed is 60 km/h, and this loco belongs to the EL 2000 class which has 2800 kW. The catenary is feeded with 6000 V at 50 Hz. Only one of the two big pantographs is used, the other one serves as a spare. The two little tilted pantographs on the sides are used under the loading facility, where a normal catenary is not possible. The single cab is wider than the rest of the train. If the train has to be reversed, the loco stays at the new rear end, and the driver uses one of the control desks in the side gondolas, which are facing backwards. Which side he chooses obviously depends on the side where the signals are. An acoustic signal on the first car is active in pushed operation. For driving forward like in the picture there is a control desk in the middle of the cab.

Digital photo by Christoph Schmitz

2001-12.jpg (154600 bytes)

Shunting movements of an electric locomotive class 060-EA (=40) in Sigisoara, March 1993.

Photo and scan by Cees Schaap <>

2002-01.jpg (101885 bytes)

D9000 Locomotives Ltd Class 55.

D9000 (55022) 'Royal Scots Grey' stands at Saltley depot, Birmingham on Sunday 29th August 1999. This locomotive is regularly used by Virgin Trains.

Photo and scan: Ross Aitken (

2002-02.jpg (74300 bytes)

BCFe 4/4 11 du chemin de fer musée Blonay - Chamy, en excursion sur son ancienne ligne le MOB, le 13 février dernier.

Ch.-H. Rutz (

2002-03.jpg (90281 bytes)

RENFE : 350 (ex - 1T)

Locomotora diesel 350 Talgo II. Los ingenieros espańoles se desplazaron en 1945 a Estados Unidos para realizar el prototipo y su construccion, con la compańia American Car and Foundry. Se construyeron 3 locomotoras y dos composiciones de 16 coches.

Diesel locomotive 350 Talgo II. The Spanish engineers moved in 1945 to United States to carry out the prototype and their construction, with the company American Car and Foundry. 3 locomotives and two compositions of 16 cars were built.

Museo: Vilanova (Barcelona) 5/8/01

Photo: Carlos Pérez Arnau /

2002-04.jpg (117595 bytes)

The first brand new Taurus electric locomotive of the MAV, 1047.001, is completing her first test run in Hungary.

Note the historic narrow gauge steam locomotive in the background. This d1'h2 1000 mm gauge steam locomotive, built by MÁVAG, Budapest; operated as Locomotive 30 on the Ózd-Borsodnádasd industrial Railway. Mosonmagyaróvár, 27.03.2002.

Digital photo by P. Rozgonyi (

2002-05.jpg (60388 bytes)

The "Licaon" was built 1851 by the locomotive works of the Wien - Gloggnitz railway for the Kaiser-Ferdinands-Nordbahn. Today it is the oldest working steam locomotive of Austria. The photo shows the 151-year-old locomotive in the railway museum "Heizhaus" in Strasshof, northeast of Wien.

Digital photo by tobias b köhler <>

2002-06.jpg (103015 bytes)

09. May. 2002

Former DR experimental steam express engine 18 201 at Wien Ostbahnhof (Vienna eastern station) before departure with a special to Passau.

Digital photo by Herbert Ortner

2002-07.jpg (84547 bytes)

Im Rangierbahnhof Limmattal: Die neuen SBB-Cargo Loks Re 482 werden der Öffentlichkeit vorgestellt. Neun von zehn Loks sind am Vorabend dieses Events in einer Reihe aufgestellt. (Gleiche Bauart wie die DB Lokserie BR 185)

Lukas Witschi, 14.06.02;

2002-08.jpg (139018 bytes)

Compare and Contrast! Class 180 working to Bristol while Class 221 is on an Oxford working. Both Virgin and FGW have approached the requirement for a quality DMU service, but difference can easily be seen with the slim line Voyager (built such such that common bodies can be used for tilting and non-tilting version) while the Bugatti styled 180 makes it look Brunel's Broad Gauge was stil in situ.

Copyright belongs to Andy Ducker who can be reached at Photograph taken on Kodak DC260 using maximum resolution of 1.3 megapixels

2002-09.jpg (100693 bytes)

C36-7 :1513,1511
CHME :1322
Tallinn Estonia
june 2002

Foto: Timo Klaus

2002-10.jpg (78476 bytes)

Electric locomotive Re426 621 of the Mittelthurgaubahn stands in Weinfelden on 27 April 2002. This locomotive is very similar to class Re4/4 II of the SBB.

Photo by Stéphane Kolly (

2002-11.jpg (56412 bytes)

RENFE: Talgo 350

Vista del prototipo del Talgo 350, esta unidad esta realizando en la actualidad pruebas en la linea Madrid-Barcelona.

See of the prototype of the Talgo 350, this unit this carrying out tests at the present time in Madrid-Barcelona lines her.

Station: Chamartin (Madrid) 26-10-2002

Photo: Carlos Perez Arnau /

2002-12.jpg (141863 bytes)

NSB Signatur no. 73011 and NSB Agenda no. 73B041 in Kristiansand. 73011 is going as a expresstrain Oslo - Kristiansand/Stavanger / Bergen 7 Trondheim and 73041 is a Intercity-train between Kristiansand and Stavanger. From next year 73B maybe will be mooved to the line between Oslo and Halden.

Photo by Kjetil Refsnes Jřrgensen

2003-01.jpg (104089 bytes)

BLS 485 001

BLS 485 001, currently (11.12.2002) the only loco of BLS class 485 already in service, is waiting in the Haltingen yard, ready to takeover a "Rolling Highway" train to Spiez.

Digital photo: Reinhard Reiss ( Homepage:

2003-02.jpg (142349 bytes)

28 May 1999;

A DB 103 with train to Germany passing the Melk abbey in Austria. Only a few days later the 103s between Germany and Austria were replaced by class 101 engines.

Photo and scan by Herbert Ortner (

2003-03.jpg (125890 bytes)

TGM23B-2074 shunter in Kiev, 22 February 2003

Photo by A.Porev (

2003-04.jpg (180312 bytes)

1100 102 (ehem. 1189.02) mit Nostalgiezug nach Mürzzuschlag im Bahnhof Semmering.

Copyright by Christian Beckers;  

Thousands of full size pictures from the austrian railway pictureteam at

2003-05.jpg (139146 bytes)

'Fisheman's Friend' liveried and modified single car and single deck unit seent at Blackpool Pleasure Beach - this could probably be one of the cars used for the annual 'Blackpool Illuminations'.

Copyright belongs to author, photographs taken on Nikon M5000 Digital Camera, processed using Photo Paint V7

2003-06.jpg (126109 bytes)

OSE - Greece
Narrow gauge rack trainset 3004 leaves Kalavrita again with the last train of the day to Diakopto. There are only 4 trains a day (5 in summer), and seat reservations are compulsory.
Kalavrita, 11-05-2003

Digital photo by Marco van Uden

2003-07.jpg (419345 bytes)

Der erste elektrische Talent 4023 005 wurde am 28.06.2003 an die ÖBB geliefert. Der Triebwagen wartet in Passau auf die Überstellung nach Wien. Over 70 pics of 4023 at at the Datenbank

Copyright by Christian Beckers;  

Thousands of full size pictures from the austrian railway pictureteam at

2003-08.jpg (138574 bytes)

L'automotor AM2, Sant Jeroni, baixant cap a Monistrol a la part alta de la línia el 2/6/03. Nou Cremallera de Montserrat, Catalunya, inaugurat l'11 de juny de 2003.

Foto: Bernat Borrŕs

The AM2 emu, Sant Jeroni, going down to Monistrol in the top section of the line on 2/6/03. New Montserrat rack railway, Catalonia, inaugurated on 11th June 2003.

Photo by: Bernat Borrŕs

2003-09.jpg (149364 bytes)

Over twenty years ago SBB was asked to name a locomotive «

Franches-Montagnes ». In relation with the 100th horse market in Saignelégier SBB decided to name Re 460 036-7 « Franches-Montagnes » on the 8th of august 2003 in this narrow gauge station of Chemins de fer du Jura. It is 25 kilometres away from the next standard gauge station. On the 7th of august the locomotive arrived in Glovelier and was charged on two trucks and pulled by steam traction to Saignelégier. Between Combe-Tabeillon and Bollement there are eight tunnels, which have a reduced height of contact wire. For security the SBB-locomotive was pulled by steam traction. At no time the loco was in contact with the overhead wire. After the naming ceremony the locomotive was exhibited in Saignelégier station till Monday and then brought back to Glovelier by an electric engine. It is the first time that a locomotive of the type Re 460 stays on a metric gauge station. Other transports of this kind have been done by road for special events, but never by rail.
The steam locomotive E 164 was delivered in 1905 by Henschel in Cassel to Portugal. Today this factory is absorbed by the Bombardier group. In 1993 the steam engine was brought back to Switzerland in 1993 by La Traction. It entered service in 1999 after a general overhaul in Meiningen on the metric network of Chemins de fer du Jura.
The SBB Re 460 036-7 was built by SLM and ABB in Winterthur and Zurich and delivered in 1993. Both works haven been taken over by the Bombardier group. Today there are no more factories, but engineering sites. It is one of the few locomotives which have not been named till today and which spot no advertising livery.

Photo by Théo Stolz <>

2003-10.jpg (131456 bytes)

A new tilt-body EMU class 680 for CD. It is generally called class 680 though actually there is no such vehicle. The set consists of 681 001 + 081 001 + 683 001 + 084 001 + 684 001 + 082 001 + 682 001 and compartment classification is 1+1+B+2+2+2+2 (1 - 1st class, 2 - 2nd class, B - buffet car combined with 2nd class). The pictures were taken during July and August 2003 on a test track near Cerhenice, Czech Republic, a 13,5 km circular track for speeds up to 200 kph, but the set is capable of speeds up to 230 kph.

Photo by Jarda Charvat,

2003-12.jpg (82863 bytes)

Heidelberg HSB 204

Triebwagen 204 in Heidelberg Handschuhsheim an der Haltestelle OEG Bahnhof. (25. Oktober 2003)

Photo: Bernd Kittendorf (

2004-01.jpg (130172 bytes)

FW Be 4/4

Be 4/4 14 "Münchwilen" and Bt 113 "Anetswil" from the Frauenfeld-Wil-Bahn (FW) near Matzingen (10.12.2003)

Digital photo: Reinhard Reiss ( Homepage:

2004-02.jpg (70008 bytes)

One NOHAB diesel locomotive is still in service: This Di.3 is used for snow clearing duties on the Bergensbane.

Photo by Svein Ulvund (

Uploaded with permission by Marco van Uden

2004-03.jpg (123263 bytes)

Heritage twin-set BLVV 21+22 (originaly built in 1911, coupled into a twin set in 1930) on the location of a movie shooting in Gorgey Artur utca, Ujpest.

Photographer: Akos Varga ( Date: 01.02.2004. Home page:

2004-11.jpg (162789 bytes)

RhB ABe 4/4I 30 und ABe 4/4I 34 als "Kessler Zwillinge" mit einem Regionalzug Richtung St.Moritz. Bei Stablini in der 70‰ Steigung 3.8.2004

Foto: Andreas Cadosch Homepage:

2004-12.jpg (86333 bytes)

TGV POS set No 4401 (Paris-Ostfrankreich-Süddeutschland), seen on trials at Velim.

Velim, August 2004.

Photo by Jaroslav Charvát (, from

Posting and comment by P.L.Guillemin (

2005-03.jpg (136677 bytes)

An oretrain of 1050 tons pulled by a 2TE10M on a steep incline (40 promille) in one of the open pit iron ore mines in Krivoy Rog in the eastern part of the Ukrain. The sound of the engines was deafening, even louder as a Nohab-GM sounds.

Photo by Tom Lahaye ( )