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Ponte Maria Pia sobre o rio Douro(desactivada) no Porto, com mais de 100 anos // Maria Pia bridge on Douro river(out of service) at Porto,with more than 100 years

Roberto V. Sousa ( 10-06-2006

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REFER Bridges of Maria Pia and São João in Porto (27 04 2005) REFER Pontes de Maria Pia e São João no Porto

Photo by LUISFER - Estudos e Realizações Ferroviárias ( (

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REFER Bridge of São João in Porto, a genius work, Edgar Cardoso (27 04 2005) REFER Ponte de São João no Porto, obra de um génio, Edgar Cardoso

Photo by LUISFER - Estudos e Realizações Ferroviárias ( (

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Locomotivas da série 1960 com um comboio de cimento atravessando a ponte de São João (Porto) em direcção a Campanhã..

Photo: Tiago Henriques (

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REFER Begining of São João Bridge in PORTO Campanhã Station (2005 09 09) REFER Início da Ponte de São João na Estação de PORTO Campanhã

Photo by LUISFER Estudos e Realizações Ferroviárias #

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Ponte Maria Pia, antiga ponte do caminho de ferro ate 1991...Porto 2006 Maria Pia bridge, old bridge of railroad until 1991... Porto 2006

Photo: Pedro Costa (ComboiosdoNorte)

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Ponte de Sao Joao... 2006 Sao Joao bridge... 2006

Photo: Pedro Costa (ComboiosdoNorte)

PuenteMariaPia.jpg (133528 bytes)

María Pía Bridge over the Douro river at Porto. Until 1991, year of its closing, the unique union of the portuguese railways to north and south of the named river. Designed from Gustav Eiffel and Seraing, was built between 1875 and 1877. Northern railway from Lisboa, that reach the southern margin of the river at Gaia in 1865, must to wait twelwe years until was found a technical solution for crossing the river to the northern margin, until the Campanhá Station. The bridge received the name of the Queen María Pía of Saboya, wife of the king Louis I, in which reing was built the bridge, and that gives his name to the another metallic bridge of this city (open in 1886), for the road and trams transit, and today integrated in the metropolitan railway of Porto.


Photo: Manuel Marcos.

mariapia.jpg (45429 bytes)

Subject:: Ponte Maria Pia
Location: Porto - Portugal
Date: februar 1992

Photo and scan: Ernst Kers

This railway-bridge was constucted by Gustave Eiffel and opened in 1877. It crosses the river Douro and was part of Portugals most important railway: Lisbon - Porto. In 1991 it was replaced by a new concrete bridge.

r-S_Joao.jpg (117341 bytes)

Ponte S.João no Porto/S.João Bridge in the Oporto

Photo by Roberto V.Sousa ( in 26-02-2004

r-ponte_s_joao-fev04.jpg (113423 bytes)

Ponte ferroviária sobre o rio Douro no Porto(linha do Norte)/Railroad bridge on the Douro river in the Oporto city(North line)

Photo by Roberto V.Sousa ( in 26-02-2004/11:03