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23062009Pampilhosa1445Takargo.jpg (128853 bytes)

English Electric 1445 (Ex-CP), operating in new private company (Takargo).Pampilhosa.

Roberto V. Sousa ( 23-06-2009

24062009VilarFormoso6002.jpg (138704 bytes)

New locomotive Euro 4000, made by Vossloh, operating in new private company (Takargo). Takargo 6002, operating a train with destinity Spain. This new company can operating with the same locomotive and crew in Portugal and Spain.

Roberto V. Sousa ( 24-06-2009

TK6004_CM48836.jpg (158101 bytes)

TK 6004 Comboio de Mercadorias No 48836 (Tuy - R.L. Celbi) Porto Campanhã - PT 23-07-16

Pedro Almeida

Takargo_1449_Entroncamento.jpg (144785 bytes)

Takargo - Portugal
Takargo diesel locomotive 1449 (second-hand from CP) stabled in Entroncamento.

Entroncamento, 18-10-2017

Digital photo by Marco van Uden

Takargo_6001_Alfarelos.jpg (153744 bytes)

Takargo - Portugal
Also Portugal has its first open-access railway operators. Takargo diesel locomotive 6001 (type Euro4000 from Vossloh) is seen from a train at Alfarelos, between Coimbra and Figueira da Foz.
Alfarelos, 18-11-2011

Digital photo by Marco van Uden

Takargo_6002_VilarFormoso.jpg (145379 bytes)

Takargo - Portugal
Takargo Euro4000 diesel locomotive 6002 with a freight train on the Spain-Portugal border.

Vilar Formoso, 16-10-2017

Digital photo by Marco van Uden

aut335TKmb.jpg (118486 bytes)

First Vossloh Euro 4000 for Portuguese private operator Takargo, unit 6001, during a test drive on Spanish tracks. Taken at Masadas-Blancas, on 18/dec/2008, Calatayud-Valencia line.

Photo by Fernando Monroy Peņa (