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ROMANIA. Duewag DMU 92 series.

Foto: Catalin.Ghita whitewolfcata(at!)

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ROMANIA. Duewag DMU 92 series.

Foto: Catalin.Ghita whitewolfcata(at!)

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CFR 91-0002-5 DMU in Cluj Depot on 05.04.2003. In 1995 two Duwag DMU's type VT 628.4 where bought by CFR. They are now working on Cluj-Oradea and Cluj-Satu Mare lines. A strange fact is that they are not registered in 91 and 92 classes. They are powered by a V12 engine designed by MTU. The engine has a power of 485 Kw and enables the train to reach a top speed of 120 Km/h.

Photo and scan by: Andrei Berinde (

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Another wiev of CFR 91-0002-5 Duwag type DMU.

Photo and scan by: Andrei Berinde (

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CFR 92-0001-5 Duwag type DMU in Cluj Depot. This unit is coupled with 91-0001-7 unit and works on Cluj-Oradea route.

Photo and scan by: Andrei Berinde (

CFR16_92-102-1_Jibou_22072013.jpg (127436 bytes)

Trainset 92-0102-1 at Jibou on July22nd 2013.

Digital photo by Andrei Vidrighin(

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CFR - DMU-2 class 98 CFR 628-679-0 leaving Arad station towards Oradea - Cluj Napoca, as R 831/4 "Tara Crisurilor", 07/09/1999. Two Dwag DUMs from the DB type VT 628.4 were bought in 1995 by the CFR after tests, and so, were never delivered to DB. They are 628-679 (Arad depot) and 628-680 (Cluj depot). They were used on various trains, even Intercity ! They are officially numbered in class 98 by the CFR, but this number only appears on maintenance books, and not on the trainsets... Diesel engine: MTU, 12 V 183 TD 12, 12 cylinders in V. Power: 485 kW. Top speed: 120 km/h.

Photo: Romain Viellard (

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CFR train leaving Cluj Napoca for Oradea on October 19th, 2002.

Photo by Stephen Mak (

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92-0502-2 in Cluj
March 2004

Photo by Krzysiek Garski

CFR_18_09_95_Lotru.jpg (147420 bytes)

Three different vehicles met at Lotru on Olt Valley on 18 September 1995.

Photo by Michael Kissler
Submitted by Cornel Misinger (