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The rectifier used on the 060 EA electrical locomotives of CFR.The white tubes on horizontal sre condensers and the the blue circular units are the diodes. This rectifier have 48 diodes and 40 condensers disposed in Graetz deck. The max power of the rectifier is 1250 A on a continous power of 810 V.The max power recieved on the rectifier terminals in 1,1*967V=1068V.The maximum work temperature of the rectifier is 80 grades Celsius.

Photo by Tofan George

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CFR traction motor LJE 108.1 used for 060 EA locomotives.This unit was unmounted for the 060 EA 008 machine for few reparations.Here are few technical specifications for this motor: -the power on the shaft: max 900Kw -The maximum turation:1920 rpm. -the weight of the rotor: 1003 Kg -the weight of entire motor:3070 Kg -The maximum temperatures admited on force regim: rotor-140 grades ;colector-105 grades -The ventilation sistem: forced-individual. -The maximum tension admited on the terminals:770 V continous power. -The izolation class on the poles: "F"

Photo by Tofan George

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CFR electric locomotives 41-0601-9 and 41-0219-0 seen in Timisoara station preparing to leave with them trains. The first one was leaving to Bucharest with the fast train 694 and the secound one with a local train no. 9196 to Drobeta Turnu Severin.

Foto: Balogh Ramon-Mihai E-mail: