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Dep_Dacia_1.jpg (138856 bytes)

View of depot Dacia, with trams of various types: Tatra T4D/R, V2A and GT5.

Photo by Oscar Mannheim.

Iasi_356_1.jpg (126395 bytes)

There have been 25 V2A trams (350-374) in service in Iasi from 1992 to 2004. 356 is the last one and it is used as training car. Without spare parts, its service will come to an end very soon.

Photo by Oscar Mannheim (July 2004).

Iasi_356_2.jpg (85583 bytes)

Closer view of tram 356.

Photo by Oscar Mannheim (July 2004).

Iasi_x355.jpg (99807 bytes)

V2A trams 355 (ex 354), 357 and an unidentified one at scrapyard @ depot Dacia.

Photo by Oscar Mannheim (July 2001).