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Slovenian steam locomotive, former Southern Railroad class 109. This locomotive remained in the state it was until recent times.

Photo by Janos Ero <>
Scan by Marco van Uden <>

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Slovenian Railway Museum
Locomotive SZ 03-002 was active in 2001, but now looks very clean and if it has not seen fresh air for quite some time. Its original number was Südbahn 109.38, built in 1914.
Ljubljana, 24-01-2008

Digital photo by Marco van Uden

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150 obletnice Južne Železnice GRAZ-CELJE , 1.junij.1996/// 150 anniversary of South Railroad GRAZ-CELJE, 1.junij.1996/// 150 Jahrestag der Süd-Bahn Graz-CELJE, 1.junij.1996/// 150 ans de chemin de fer du Sud-GRAZ CELJE, 1.junij.1996///

Foto: Miro M.-EuroCityCard - SLovenia email