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06_013+E636_147_Bahnpark1.jpg (156644 bytes)

The JZ 06 013 can be seen on the left, the ÖBB 01 81 139 1 565-8 Gkklms Oppeln in the middle and the FS E636.147 on the right of the "Europe roundhouse". Panorama photo. Bahnpark Augsburg, 2016-06-05.

tobias b köhler

06_013_Bahnpark1.jpg (153615 bytes)

The 06 013 was built 1930 by Borsig (Berlin) for the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, designed by August Meister with numerous similarities to German locomotives of the era. The series of 30 locomotives class 06 was intended for passenger trains on mountain lines of Slovenia and Croatia. The 06-013 derailed in 1945 due to a war mine and fell into Sava river where it remained until 1950, then it was repaired and remained in service until 1975, total distance 2150484 km, afterwards it was plinthed in Maribor. 1991 it went to the rail museum of Ljubljana. In 2006 it was brought to Augsburg as the "ambassador locomotive of Slovenia". Bahnpark Augsburg, 2016-06-05.

tobias b köhler

Austria_Spielfeld_Strass_JZ_Class_06_013_+_OBB_1043_10_1974.jpg (51822 bytes)

Austria – OBB electric 1043.10 arrives at Spielfeld Strass with a freight service. Jugoslav Railways 2-8-2 06 013 is on hand to work the train forward to Maribor, Slovenia. October 1974

Photo and scan Roger Griffiths

Austria_Spielfeld_Strass_JZ_Class_06_017.jpg (78967 bytes)

Austria – JZ 2-8-2 06 017 makes a gentle departure from Spielfeld Strass with a freight train for Maribor. Spotting the camera pointed at his locomotive, the driver turned on the drain cocks, thereby shrouding his 06 in steam and hiding it from the Photographer's colleagues a hundred metres further down the line! October 1974

Photo and scan Roger Griffiths

Austria_Spielfeld_Strass_JZ_Class_06_017_10_1974.jpg (60951 bytes)

Austria - JZ 2-8-2 06.017 arrives at Spielfeld Strass with a cross-border freight train from Maribor, Slovenia. October 1974

Photo and scan by Roger Griffiths

Jugoslavia_Maribor_Class_06_dep_10_1974.jpg (43119 bytes)

Jugoslavia – 2-8-2 06.013 leaves Maribor with a southbound local passenger train. The somewhat hurried nature in which this picture was taken was due to the approach of a suspicious security policeman! Luckily there was no bad outcome. October 1974.

Photo and scan Roger Griffiths;

Lj06013.jpg (73768 bytes)

Railway museum Ljubljana

Outside the museum, you can find long rows of steam locomotives in a rather bad state - rusty, parts missing. Most still carry their numbers though. This 1'D1' locomotive is numbered 06 013.

Photo: tobias b köhler

MB1974_4.jpg (71122 bytes)

Slovenian Railways (SZ)
06 series steam locomotive with passenger
train to Sentilj, Maribor, 1973

Photo: Darko Pahic Szabo <>

MB1974_6.jpg (82727 bytes)

Slovenian Railways (SZ)
Two 06 series steam locomotives, Maribor, 1973

Photo: Darko Pahic Szabo <>

MB1974_7.jpg (121633 bytes)

Slovenian Railways (SZ)
06-025 steam locomotive, Maribor, 1973

Photo: Darko Pahic Szabo <>

lastscan16.jpg (59770 bytes)

150 obletnice Južne Železnice GRAZ-CELJE , 1.junij.1996/// 150 anniversary of South Railroad GRAZ-CELJE, 1.junij.1996/// 150 Jahrestag der Süd-Bahn Graz-CELJE, 1.junij.1996/// 150 ans de chemin de fer du Sud-GRAZ CELJE, 1.junij.1996///

Foto: Miro M.-EuroCityCard - SLovenia email