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Slovenian Railway Museum
JZ 116-002 has been repainted in its original kkStB livery. It was built as number kkStB 229.91 in 1910 by StEG Maschinenfabrik der K.k.priv. österreichischen Staatseisenbahngesellschaft, Wien.
Ljubljana, 24-01-2008

Digital photo by Marco van Uden

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JZ 116-002 This locomotive was built in 1910 by STEG Wien and this type was used all across Slovenia, driving also to Croatia. When they were bought (from yrs 1902-1917, total of 161), they were designated as types 129, 229 and 29. Current designation, 116, was gavien to all types after 2nd WW. At the end of service (1955) they were given to the rest of Jugoslavian republics. This one was returned in exchange for another locomotive. This photo was taken at Ljubljana railway station standing together with some more engines in 1988.

Photo and scan by Goran Brumen (