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96II-36.jpg (79200 bytes)

Slovenian (SZ) class 17 steam locomotive. It was designed as MÁV class 342 to haul commuter trains around Budapest. A large number of the class, like this example too, was built in Germany by Henschel in Kassel. It is probably one of two prototypes which were built in 1915 with conventional boiler.
Picture taken during the big locomotive show for the 150th anniversary of the Hungarian railways on 13-14 July 1996 in Budapest.

Photo by Janos Ero <>
Scan by Marco van Uden <>

JZ_17-006.jpg (62524 bytes)

Muzejski Vlaki v Ljubljani (1985) "17-006" (ex J) Zdaj S!!

Arhiv: Miro Marolt

Jugoslavia_Sevnica_17.013_7.8.1969.jpg (39072 bytes)

Jugoslavia 2-6-2T 17.013 is seen leaving with a local train as the eastbound Orient Express passes Sevnica, Slovenia. 7 August 1969

Photo and scan Roger Griffiths;

SZ17-006_Ljubljana.jpg (132117 bytes)

Slovenian Railway Museum
Also steam locomotive SZ 17-006 seems to be in working order. All parts were nicely greased and it was receiving maintenance.
Ljubljana, 24-01-2008

Digital photo by Marco van Uden

jz17086.jpg (99713 bytes)

Dampflokomotive 17-086 der ehemaligen Jugoslawischen Staatsbahn JZ im Bahnhof Ljubljana - April 1988

Steam locomotive 17-086 of the former yugoslavian national railway JZ at Ljubljana station - April 1988

Photo by Christian Immler