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25-002_Celje1.jpg (126644 bytes)

Steam locomotive JZ 25-002 ex SHS 270.202, built 1922 at Wiener Neustadt. Monument in Celje station, together with two German-style signals. 2003-10-12.

tobias b köhler

25-026_+_664-117_NG.jpg (129004 bytes)

S steam locomotive 25-026 + S 664-117 in Nova Gorica

Foto: Mark Ravbar <>

25_005.jpg (94192 bytes)

SZ steam locomotive 25.005 (former kkStB class 270) in the Sezana station. The locomotive - build in 1917 - pull a special historical train from "Trieste Campo Marzio" Railway Museum (Italy). This train (over the left border) leaving Sezana for Bled Jezero station.

Date: february 22, 1997.

Photo, scan and digital retouch by Alessandro Pesaro.

25_026_Gkf1.jpg (95464 bytes)

SZ 25 026 in Graz Köflacher Bahnhof during the steam locomotive presentation on 2007-05-19. tobias b köhler

25_026_Gkf2.jpg (113620 bytes)

SZ 25 026 above the new back entrance of Graz Köflacher Bahnhof, 2007-05-19. tobias b köhler

25_026_Kopriva.jpg (144002 bytes)

S 25-026 in Kopriva

Foto: Branko Ravbar <>

25_026_Led.jpg (126049 bytes)

SZ 25 026 with a special train passing Ledenitzen, Jul 20th 2006

Photo: Ulf Fischer

25_026_Se.jpg (154830 bytes)

S steam locomotive 25-026 in Seana

Foto: Mark Ravbar <>

25_026_Se2.jpg (150799 bytes)

S steam locomotive 25-026 in Seana

Foto: Mark Ravbar <>

SZ25-026_Ljubljana.jpg (126471 bytes)

Slovenian Railway Museum
SZ 25-026 is one of the operational steam locomotives in Slovenia. It is normally based in Nova Gorica, but was now receiving maintenance at the museum site.
Ljubljana, 24-01-2008

Digital photo by Marco van Uden

Slovenia_Ljubljana_Museum_25_026_5.8.2002.jpg (57581 bytes)

Slovenia 2-8-0 25 026 0n the turntable at Ljubljana Railway Museum, before heading a special train for the caves at Postojna, 5 August 2002

Photo and scan Roger Griffiths

Slovenia_Logatec_25_026_5.8.2002.jpg (64328 bytes)

Slovenia Former Austrian 2-8-0 25-026 pauses at Logatec with a museum train, on a working from Ljubljana to the fantastic caves at Postojna. 5 August 2002

Photo and scan Roger Griffiths

Slovenia_Zidani_Most_25_026_6.8.2002.jpg (54209 bytes)

Slovenia Zidani Most 2-8-0 25 026 slows at the junction to take the line towards Maribor, 6 August 2002

Photo and scan Roger Griffiths

lastscan2.jpg (64793 bytes)

150 obletnice June eleznice GRAZ-CELJE , 1.junij.1996/// 150 anniversary of South Railroad GRAZ-CELJE, 1.junij.1996/// 150 Jahrestag der Sd-Bahn Graz-CELJE, 1.junij.1996/// 150 ans de chemin de fer du Sud-GRAZ CELJE, 1.junij.1996///

Foto: Miro M.-EuroCityCard - SLovenia email

sz-25-006.jpg (80462 bytes)

SZ museum steam locomotive 25-026 (former kkStB class 270) on Ljubljana railway station. She's taking part in invguration ceremony for the new regional train class 312.
Date: 26 September 2000

Photo: Metod Kozelj (