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2005_09_08-029.jpg (145031 bytes)

Turkey - DE33002 at Istanbul Sirkeci station.

Photo by Philip Wormald (

2005_09_09-030.jpg (147655 bytes)

Turkey - DE33001 passes Edirne southbound freight.

Photo by Philip Wormald (

A_diesel_locomotive_DE_33_031_of_TCDD_standing_at_railway_staion_Istanbul_HalkalI_02_06_2018.jpg (90724 bytes)

A diesel locomotive DE 33 031 of TCDD ( Turkiye Cumhuriyeti Devlet Demiryollari / Turkish Railways ) "Trakya" standing at railway staion Istanbul HalkalI.My impression about visiting that European part of Turkey , you can see on this adress: You can see my website:

Digital photo Veselin Malinov , e-mail:

DE_33009.jpg (113866 bytes)

Hello Turkish Haydarpaşa Tank DE 33009 23/12/2004 8:55

Photo Mesut Atmaca

TCDD_DE33009.jpg (113866 bytes)

This is DE33009. These DE30000 locomotives are the newest and the strongest locomotives of Turkish State Railways. This photo was sent by TANER TURAN. I don't know the photographer of this photo.