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20040406_169_Istanbul_Sirkeci_TCDD_Nahverkehrszug.jpg (140930 bytes)

Suburabn trains at Istanbul Sirkeci station. 2004-04-05

Photo: Helmut Uttenthaler,

MC_TCDD-80.jpg (65843 bytes)

28 Aug. 1992, Suburban e.m.u. 8006 is leaving Sirkeci Station. The ancient Roman empire walls are on the left.
Istanbul, Turkey.

Photo and scan by Maciej Czapkiewicz

Sirkeci7E8023.jpg (85981 bytes)

TCDD EMU 8023 leaves Sirkeci for Halkali. 46 years old, these EMU's have lost one of their 4 units and now run in 3 car sets, similar to newer 14000 series EMU's.

Photo by Derya Ferendeci (

SirkeciEMU8000s.jpg (99520 bytes)

TCDD Sirkeci: 46 years old and still kicking, TCDD 8000 series EMU's gather at the commuter tracks at Sirkeci station. They loyally serve the 28km Sirkeci-Halkali line on the European side of Istanbul. Originally 4 unit EMU's, they now run in 3 unit sets similar to newer Turkish-built 14000 series EMU's. Despite welded rail, concrete ties and manicured track, their ride is quite rough. June 4, 2001.

Photo by Derya Ferendeci (