611 / 616

Aluminium diesel-electric unit


Croatian language - Hrvatski jezik

The aluminium motor unit of the 611 series was manufactured by Zagreb Railway Works according to its own projects, in co-operation with Končar Electric Works. It is four-part unit consisting of two motor wagons and two trailers fully equipped for long-distance passengers transport. The construction of the case, the framework and the plating were made of aluminium alloy, and hence the nickname »Aluminium train«. Total number of three units was manufactured: 611-001+616-001+616-002+611-002; 611-003+616-003+616-004+611-004 and 611-005+616-005+616-006+611-006. The trains were designed for the most important mainline of former Yugoslavia (Zagreb — Belgrade), which is completely plane, but they suffered some damage when they were operated on some mountain lines.

  Technical data of the DMU:

Train arrangement

Bo'Bo' + 2'2' + 2'2' + Bo'Bo'

Years of construction



Zagreb Railway Works

Received into traffic


Power of the train

514 kW / 700 hp (installed: 588 kW / 800 hp)

Max. speed

120 km/h

Wheel diameter

840 mm

Weight of the train

128 t

Axle pressure

11 t

Overall length including buffers

82,122 mm


2 (elevated)

Traction and auxiliary devices:

Diesel motors

2 x JW 400 (294 kW / 400 hp)

2 x Famos 2 F2/603 (84 kW / 115 hp)

Main generator

RK ICK-533-6 (270 kW, 650 A, 600 V)

Auxiliary generator

RK 3SC-311-4 (70 kW, 300 V, 50 Hz)

Electric traction motor

RK ISK 293-4 (81 kW)


Trudbenik, Doboj (Bosnia)

Further destiny of the trains: 

The »Aluminium train« 611/615-005/006 was at Zagreb Railway Works for the last repair from 25th of March until 25th of June 1971. In 1974, all the units were withdrawn and later sawn up.