Rail bus


Croatian language - Hrvaski jezik

To meet the needs of local passenger transport, there were ten sets of diesel-motor units, popularly called »rail bus« (Schienenbus) of the series 812 imported from West Germany. The further production was continued at Gosa Wagon Factory in Smederevska Palanka (Serbia) under the licence of Uerdingen Co. of Braunschweig, Germany. These »rail buses« were designed for short-distance passenger transport and for commuter service.

The first »rail buses« appeared under the mark JDZ (Yugoslav State Railways) D 126-001 to 010 (for the motor wagons) and JDZ C 37-501 to 510 for the trailers. In April 1959 they got a new serial number: JZ class B 812 and B 818 for the motor wagons and the trailers respectively. After the introduction of more recent and more comfortable DMU-s of the class JZ 712/714 (»Macosa«), the number of the »rail buses« has been gradually reduced. Today they are operated around Vinkovci and Karlovac.

Technical data of the DMU:

Train arrangement

1'A' + 1'1'

Years of construction



Uerdingen, Braunschweig, W. Germany (the first ten units); Gosa, Smederevska Palanka, Serbia, Yugoslavia

Received into traffic


Power of the rail bus

110 kW / 150 hp

Max. speed

90 km/h

Wheel diameter

900 mm

Weight of the rail bus

21.2 t + 16.2 t = 37.4 t

Axle pressure

11.4 t / 8.8 t

Overall length including buffers

26,600 mm



Traction and auxiliary devices:

Diesel motor

Büssing U-10 (110 kW / 150 hp)


Knorr VV 60/100

Mechanic gear-change

GE-75s (6 gears) + electromagnetic couple