Railway Operators in Algeria

SNTF - Société Nationale des transports Ferroviaires

Network length, gauge and electrification (2008):

Railway was built in Algeria as from 1857, by French PLM and 4 more local concessionaries. The French State took over the latter from 1900 and merged them into CFAE (Chemins de Fer Algériens de l'Etat) in 1912. In 1938, as SNCF was set up, CFAE was eventually merged with PLM into an "Office" (OCFA), a regional branch of SNCF.
OCFA became a self-contained company in 1960 (SNCFA-Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer Français en Algérie), whose ownership passed to the Democratic and People's Republic of Algeria upon independence (05/07/1962) and name changed to Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer Algériens (SNCFA) in 1963.
SNCFA was eventually split into 3 companies in 1976, with rail services and infrastructure entrusted to SNTF (Société Nationale des Transports Ferroviaires). In 1990, SNTF got further commercial freedom, and became an EPIC, i.e. an industrial and commercial state corporation.

Internal unrest in the 1990s had a disruptive impact on railway operations. Since then, overall safety has improved, but Western embassies still release caution travel advice.
Passenger traffic primarily includes mainline services on Oran-Alger-Constantine-Annaba, and some commuter services around Oran and Alger. Freight is mainly driven by fossil fuels, chemicals and iron ore.

In 2004, the Algerian government gave its go-ahead to ambitious plans for the upgrade of the Oran-Annaba main corridor (with some new quasi-HSL portions), and a genuine RER for Alger (2009). The re-instatement of the "Transmagreb", which ran from on Tunis-Alger-Rabat in 1972-1976, is also on the agenda.

Website: http://www.sntf.dz/

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SNS - Société Nationale de Sidérurgie

Network length, gauge and electrification (2000):

SNS operates ore trains in Algeria. It seems that worldwide steel producter AcelorMittal has taken over the operations of SNS. Stock data based on "Maghreb Rail" by Marcel Vleugels.

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