Railway Operators in Finland

VR - VR Yhtymä Oy

Network length, gauge and electrification (2014):

In Finland the rail infrastructure is in the hands of the Finnish Transport Agency (FTA, Liikennevirasto), while VR operates the passenger and freight trains on all FTA lines. In September 2006 the new 74km line between Kerava and Lahti opened, which reduces long-distance travel times to Eastern Finland by quite a bit.

From 1 January 2015 traffic control, planning and passenger information services are provided by Finrail, previously part of the VR Group.

In 2017 126.9 million passengers travelled with VR, 7.6% more than in 2016. Freight traffic (VR Transpoint) grew by 5.8% to 43.7 million tonnes.

In 2018 VR Track Oy, responsible for track maintenance, was bought by NRC Group ASA, a Norwegian railway infrastructure company. In June 2019 the rolling stock of VR Track Oy will be transferred to NRC Group.

Websites: http://www.vr.fi/, http://www.finrail.fi/ and http://portal.liikennevirasto.fi/

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Fenniarail Oy

Network length, gauge and electrification (2016):

Fenniarail is the first open access freight operator in Finland. With 3 new/heavily modernised locomotives (2 more ordered in 2016) they started operating freight trains on Patokangas (near Kemijärvi) - Oulu - Riihimäki - Kotka. More freight trains followed, mainly between the border with Russia and destinations in Finland.

Website: http://www.fenniarail.fi/

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