Railway Operators in Israel

IR - Israel Railways

Network length, gauge and electrification (2018):

Israel Railways operates trains on the railway lines in Israel. All lines were until 2018 diesel-operated, but the new line Tel Aviv-Jerusalem is electrified and 480km of electrified lines is planned. The modern passenger stock consists of trainsets the same as DSB(DK) class IC/3 as well as new diesel locomotives with double-deck coaches and also with single-stock (designed as) interregional coach sets from GEC Alsthom and Siemens Viaggio Light. For electrified lines new TRAXX locomotives from Bombardier were ordered.

In 2017, the Israel Railways carried 65 million passengers. In 2008 this number was only 35.1 million.

Website: http://www.rail.co.il/

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Last update: 07-12-2018