Railway Operators in Jordan

JHR - Jordan Hedjaz Railway

Network length, gauge and electrification (2003):

JHR operates freight and tourist trains in Jordan. Apart from American (GM) diesel locomotives they still have some operational steam locomotives that can be hired.
The line runs from the Syrian border to Amman and continues to Maían, which is part of the former line from Damascus to Mecca. But freight trains normally only reach Quasir um El-Heeran, with tourist trains reaching Quatrana. South of here up to the mines at Menzil is only used for occasional exchanging locomotives.

Website: http://www.jhr.gov.jo/

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ARC- Aqaba Railway Company

Network length, gauge and electrification (2009):

Freight trains with phosphate ore are transported by the Aqaba Railway Company (privatized in 1998) over the new railway line (1978) between the mines at Al-Hassa and harbor city Aqaba. In 2009 2.1 million tonnes of ore were transported.

Rail operation of ARC is currently suspended because the new port at Aqaba does not have railway access (yet).

Website: http://www.arc.gov.jo/

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Last update: 15-02-2019