Railway Operators in Kosovo

Trainkos (former HK - Hukurudhat e Kosovės Sh.A./KZ - Kosovske Zeleznice D.D.)

Network length, gauge and electrification (2009):

After being gouverned by the United Nations (UNMIK) as a highly independent province of Serbia for some 9 years, Kosovo declared itself independent in February 2008. Only some 60 countries have recognised this up to now, but especially Serbia still considers Kosovo to be its territory.
This policital hassle has its reflect on the operation of the railways. Serbian Railways operate into the northern part of Kosovo (mainly inhabited by Serbs) up to the station of Zvecan although the official border station where passports are checked is at Leshak.

Kosovo Railways operates passenger and freight trains on a network radiating from Fushė Kosovė (Kosovo Polje) in the middle of the country. Passenger trains run to Prishtinė (Pristina), Peja (Pec) and Hani Elezit (Djeneral Jankovic), with one train daily continuing from Hani Elezit to Skopje in Macedonia. The northern line to Mitrovicė, Zvecan and Leshak currently sees no passenger trains operated by Trainkos.
Locomotives, coaches and diesel motor cars are mainly second-hand from western Europe, with some former Yugoslav diesel locomotives still in use for freight trains. Latest addition is a set of 7 coaches from Austria. These will replace the former Swedish coaches that are currently used.

In 2009 374,504 passengers travelled with HK/KZ (6% less than in 2008) and 911,830 tonnes of freight were transported (11% more).
During 2011 the company was renamed into Trainkos.

In Summer 2017 almost all passenger trains were withdrawn because of lack of funding from the state. Only the international train to Macedonia is still operating.

Website: http://www.trainkos.com/

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RT _Railtrans L.L.C

Network length, gauge and electrification (2017):

Railtrans is a freight logistics company based in Albania and Kosovo. Since 2017 they also operate open-access freight trains in Kosovo: On some days of the week they operate the Drenas-Obilic ore trains. More trains may follow but freight traffic is currently very limited in Kosovo.

Website: http://www.railtrans.biz/

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Last update: 11-08-2017