National infrastructure manager of North Macedonia

 MZI - Makedonski Zeleznitsi Infrastruktura

Network length, gauge and electrification (2020):

MZI operates and maintains the North Macedonian rail infrastructure. MZI does not operate its own locomotives or track maintenance trains.

The railway line between Bitola and Kremenica (border with Greece, 16km) was rebuilt from 2014 and was due to reopen in 2020. A new/rebuilt railway line is being constructed between Kumanovo and the Bulgarian border (89km), using the existing Kumanovo-Beljakovci railway line which was closed in 1994. Beyond Beljakovci work already started in the Yugoslav Republic time but was halted during the war. Optimistically, the project is to be finished by the end of 2022.
Another major project is the extension of the Skopje-Kicevo line to Struga/Ohrid, and beyond to Albania.


Railway Operators in North Macedonia

 ZRSMT - Zeleznici na Republica Severna Makedonia Transport

Network length, gauge and electrification (2020):

This railway company was the former Skopje division of the Yugoslav Railways (JZ). International traffic exists with Serbia, Kosovo and Greece. There are plans for railway links to Bulgaria and Albania. The main line runs from the Serbian Border at Tabanovci through Skopje to Gevgelja (-Greece), with branches from Veles to Bitola and Veles to Kocani, Skopje to Kicevo and Skopje to the border with Kosovo at Hani-i-Elezit. In recent years new electric and diesel trainsets and electric locomotives were delivered from China.

Due to European regulations MZ was split in an infrastructure company (MZI) and passenger and freight operating company MZT. The last one now operates as ZRSMT, since the country was renamed into North Macedonia in June 2018.
In 2019 550,000 passengers travelled with ZRSMT. Freight traffic amounted 1.84 million tonnes, almost all international to Serbia or Greece.

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