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Network length, gauge and electrification (2021):

In 2021 the former separate companies Saudi Railways Organization (SRO), Saudi Railway Corporation (SRC) and Haramain High Speed Rail (HHR) merged into one company with 3 different divisions: North Train Network, East Train Network and Haramain High Speed Rail.

The North Train Network was known as the North and South Railway. In the south there are two main brances, from Jubail/Ras Al-Khair at the Persian Gulf and from the capital Ryadh. From Hail the joint line runs northwest to Al Quorayyat and Al Haditha at the Jordanian Border. There are two branch lines to ore mines at Hazm Al Jalamid and to Al Baseeta. The goal is to transport 9.2 million tonnes of ore every year.

The East Train network is the original railway network in Saudi Arabia. The first railway in Saudi Arabia was built by ARAMCO (Arabian American Oil Company) in 1951 between Dammam and Riyadh. The line was later taken over by the Saudi state. in 1985 a second line was opened between Haffouf, Hasdd and Riyadh. This line is also used by passenger trains. There is also a branch line between Dammam and King Abdulaziz port.

The Haramain High Speed Railway provides a high-speed railway link between the religious centers of Meccah and Medinah with stops at King Abdullah Economic City, Jeddah and King Abdulaziz International Airport. At the end of 2017 Medinah-KAEC opened, with the remainder to Meccah in March 2018. Spanish high-speed trains for this line were already delivered several years ago.

A long-term project of SAR is the "Landbridge" between the ports of Jeddah and Dammam: a 950km railway between Riyadh and Jeddah, and a 115km line between Dammam and Jubail.

Websites: http://www.sar.com.sa/ and https://sar.hhr.sa/

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