Railway Operators in Syria

CFS - Syrian Railways

Network length, gauge and electrification (1999):

The main railway center of Syria is Aleppo, where CFS has its headquarters. With Russian help several lines were newly constructed or completely rebuilt in recent years. From Aleppo there are main lines to Damascus, to the Turkish border and to the northeast of the country (connecting to the railway from Turkey to Iraq).

Website: http://www.cfssyria.org/

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Al-Hijas Railway

Network length, gauge and electrification (2003):

This company runs mostly tourist trains over what is left of the famous Hedjaz Railway, that once ran from Beirut and Haifa to Medina(-Mecca). The currently operated lines run from Damascus Kanawat to Serghaya (border with Lebanon), from Damascus Kadem to Dar'a and the Jordanian border, and from Dar'a to Bosra.
In 2005 only the section Al Hama-Deir Kanoun of the line Damascus-Serghaya is in operation, 2 steam locomotives are stationed in Al Hama for extra trains. On the line from Damascus to Dar'a there are two regular passenger (and freight) trains per week.

Website: http://www.hijazerail.com/

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