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2133_008.png (38238 bytes)

253001_BR.png (108310 bytes)

British HST Inter-City 125 in first livery, by

621_001.png (37828 bytes)

621_002.png (38283 bytes)

621_109.png (37807 bytes)

621_201.png (41227 bytes)

734_017.png (40203 bytes)

ACTS_6700_by_sebas_sebastiaan_de_bruyn_at_planet_nl.gif (32278 bytes)

Various liveries of ACTS 6700 (fiction) by

ALn_556_board.gif (89374 bytes)

ALn 56/556 and similar, liveries of Italian private railways . Drawing

AUSTRACK_dl-541.png (25748 bytes)

MS_Paint drawing of an Austrack Alco DL-541. Created by Ian Smith ( and painted by Mark Vogel (

BEMO_shunter_by_KEEEZZUM_c_l_de_bruyn_at_planet_nl.gif (30036 bytes)

BEMO shunter at VOPAK gas terminal at Slow in the Netherlands.

Bombardier_F-140-DE_Div_livries_by_c_l_de_bruyn_at_planet_nl.gif (156365 bytes)

Bombardier F-140-DE

Bombardier_Traxx_F-140-160-ms_by_c_l_de_bruyn_at_planet_nl.gif (36508 bytes)

Bombardier Traxx F 140/160 MS by

Bombardier_Traxx_F-140-160-ms_by_c_l_de_bruyn_at_planet_nl_-_kopie.gif (36546 bytes)

Bombardier_Traxx_F-140-160-ms_div_livries__by_c_l_de_bruyn_at_planet_nl.gif (128475 bytes)

Bombardier Traxx F140/160MS. by

Bombardier_Traxx_F-140-DE_by_c_l_de_bruyn_at_planet_nl.gif (33167 bytes)

Bombardier Traxx F140DE by

CFR69.png (12991 bytes)

Universal Bo'Bo' diesel electric locomotive built by Faur(23 August) Bucharest, Romania for Oravita-Anina mountain line. Top speed 100 Km/h. Drawn by Andrei Stoian,

CSS_ICM.png (27234 bytes)

A drawing of a Chicago South Shore & South Bend ICM unit. Created by Mark Vogel (

Dutch_Big_Boy_gif.gif (84554 bytes)

UP Big Boy in green Dutch livery. Drawing by Larry Murchison, colours by C. L. de Bruyn.

Dutch_classic_diesel_by_sebas.gif (20206 bytes)

NS diesel locomotives 631 "Bakkie" and 212 "Sik", by

ER2T.png (13017 bytes)

Latvian ER2T in two liveries by

ER2t-7113.png (31599 bytes)

ER2t-7113 .... with SGP300 bogies?!

ICM_Blank.png (20804 bytes)

A blank drawing of a NS ICM emu unit. Created by Mark Vogel (

ICM_Colored.png (22193 bytes)

A drawing of a NS ICM emu unit. Created by Mark Vogel (

ICM_for_Mark_Vogel_by_sebas-keeezzum.gif (27486 bytes)

NS ICM train by

Loco_s_changed_in_style_of_the_famous_design_studio_s_of_Italy_by_c_l_de_bruyn_at_planet_nl.gif (78504 bytes)

Traxx, Eurosprinter, Locomotive 2000, Taurus changed in style of Italian design studios.

M62.png (158567 bytes)

Various trains with M62 locomotives in Latvia by Viesturs (E-mail

MUA_liv.gif (38468 bytes)

MUA-MCU-FCU liveries. Drawing

NS_5031.gif (46022 bytes)

Protos built by Fahrzeugtechnik Dessau for Connexxion Netherlands in NS Sprinter livery Drawing by Keezum 2006 Livery by Walter M. Brands (fantasy)

Nice_Mice_classic_Dutch_streamliners_redesigned_by_SEBAS_sebastiaan_de_bruyn_at_hotmail_com.gif (167209 bytes)

Nice Mice classic Dutch streamliners redesigned by SEBAS

Protos_RET-fictious_livrie_by_Keeezzm_c_l_de_bruyn_at_planet_nl.gif (42882 bytes)

Protos RET, fictitious livery by

Protos_by_Fahrzeugtechniek__Dessau_by_keeezzum__c_l_de_bruyn_at_planet_nl.gif (48540 bytes)

Protos built by Fahrzeugtechnik Dessau for Connexxion Netherlands. By keeezzum 2006

RAe_2-4_Roterpfeil.gif (59805 bytes)

Railbus_Eurdinger_DB_+_OBB_livries_by_KEEEZZUM_c_l_de_bruyn@planet_nl.png (35179 bytes)

Uerdinger Railbus DB & ÖBB liveries, by

S-3-6_by_sebastiaan_de_bruyn_at_planet_com.gif (35575 bytes)

S 3/6 by

TRAXX-World_wide_by_c_l_de_bruyn_at_planet_nl.gif (154484 bytes)


V200.gif (129964 bytes)

DB V200 and similar liveries. Drawing

Voith_Maxima_40CC_Diesel_And_Electric_livries.gif (129659 bytes)

Colour experiments with the Voith Maxima 40CC, by Keeezzum.

Voith_Maxima_40CC_by_KEEZZUM_c_l_de_bruyn_at_planet_nl.gif (79213 bytes)

VOITH MAXIMA 40CC drawn by Keeezzum in 2006

benelux_60_s_liveries_GG1.gif (131775 bytes)

1960s liveries of CFL, SNCB and NS applied to PRR GG1. Drawing by Jacques Bélanger, recoloured by C. L. de Bruyn.

bits_and_pieces_2.png (22269 bytes)

Some bits and pieces (bogies, pantographs) for locomotives and carriages drawings.

cargo.png (40868 bytes)

MS_Paint drawing of SBB CFF FFS Cargo train. By Keezum ( and modified by Mark Vogel (

catenary.gif (17370 bytes)

MS_Paint drawing of different Catenary Posts. Drawn by many, modified by Mark Vogel (MCIVORY@GMAIL.COM)

dieseltraxx.gif (156365 bytes)

Various liveries for Bombardier diesel traxx, by and

levelcrossing.png (40189 bytes)

MS_Paint drawings of Railway Crossings from various European countries by Mark Vogel ( If you have any photos of level crossings from a country not listed here please email me a photo so I can add it to my list. My railway signal website -

long_blank_railway_tracks.png (28657 bytes)

A ms_paint drawing by Mark Vogel ( Use for your own longer trains.

mallard.png (14771 bytes)

MS_Paint drawing of class A4 Mallard by Mark Vogel ( My railway signal website -

signalbox1.gif (61606 bytes)

MS_Paint drawings of 4 various types of towers (signal boxes). Drawn and Painted by Mark Vogel (MCIVORY@GMAIL.COM)

signalbox2.gif (40624 bytes)

MS_Paint drawings of 4 more various types of towers (signal boxes). Drawn and Painted by Mark Vogel (MCIVORY@GMAIL.COM)

sncb62.png (17430 bytes)

MS_Paint drawings of Belgium Class 62. Drawn and Painted by Mark Vogel (MCIVORY@GMAIL.COM)

trainstation.png (86421 bytes)

MS_Paint drawing of a typical city station by Mark Vogel ( My railway signal website -