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The DB Pop colours of the 1970s (English)

Die DB-Popfarben der 1970er Jahre (Deutsch)



ATCM_modena.gif (60097 bytes)

ATCM Modena liveries 1960-2006

BENELUX_LIV.gif (74429 bytes)

BENELUX_LIV_by_c_l_de_bruyn_at_planet_nl.gif (74476 bytes)

BENELUX_PRIVAT.gif (152282 bytes)

CFR45.gif (15156 bytes)

The CFR class 45 loco (former CFR 41 series electric locomotive, modernised by Electroputere Craiova and Siemens), in the CFR livery. Created by Octavian Cretu (

CFRColor.png (384981 bytes)

CFR paint schemes of locomotives and main passenger coach classes as they were in august 2010 Drawn by Andrei Stoian (sethetesh @

CFR_Liveries.png (70338 bytes)

Liveries of CFR (Romanian Railways) used in 2008.

DBAG101.jpg (63014 bytes)

DBAG424.jpg (77140 bytes)

DKB_RVT.jpg (62289 bytes)

Dutch_clasic_trains_and_loco_s_in_modern_livries_and_modern_trains_and_loco_s_in_classic_livriies.gif (126952 bytes)

HZ-_Putnicki_Prijevoz_d.o.o..png (410227 bytes)

HZ-_Putnicki_Prijevoz_d_o_o_.png (401638 bytes)

HZ-vuca_vlakova_d.o.o..png (668889 bytes)

HZ-vuca_vlakova_d_o_o_.png (668898 bytes)

ICE-loks.gif (1728 bytes)

JZcol.gif (42239 bytes)

OSEliveries.gif (138643 bytes)

Hello from Greece I made a new updated drawing of the Greek colouring scemes because the old one by Johannis Lycos had some errors and since then Greek railways have bought some new passenger cars. So i made some screenshots from my models for Microsoft Train simulator, resized them and made this GIF. I forgot to mention that here are all the rolling stock for standard gauge except freight cars. Some of them are already withdrawn or in museum state. But i think that Greek railways had many different built locos and cars and it worth to include all except some very old pieces totally destroyed and forgoten. God Bless you! Spyros Theodoratos (drummerhellas) Athens - Greece PS. I also include the same drawing in JPG. Maybe will be usefull for you! (56003 bytes)

PCC_Rotterdam_by_sebastiaan_de_bruyn_at_hotmail_com.gif (56021 bytes)

PCC Rotterdam by

POLNCOL.gif (10207 bytes) (48561 bytes)

Re460RedBull.gif (54909 bytes)

RoPrinT.gif (24366 bytes)

Train_composition_-_DB_EpV_Passenger.gif (43063 bytes)

UK_privatizzazione.gif (77843 bytes)

Liveries of private railway of UK. Original drawing

UK_sector.gif (79224 bytes)

UK liveries 1982-1994 (sectorization). Original drawings more about liveries

ZBHcol.gif (34341 bytes)

ZRScol.gif (30987 bytes)

albcol.gif (10284 bytes)

americol.gif (21186 bytes)

anglia.gif (8487 bytes)

austcol.gif (32604 bytes)

austcol_old.gif (32604 bytes)

benelcol.gif (77870 bytes)

benelcolGIF2.gif (115580 bytes)

Benelux colours (NS, NMBS/SNCB, CFL) by C. L. de Bruyn

benelcolprivat.gif (152282 bytes)

Updated private liveries of benelux railways, by C. L. de Bruyn

bihcol.gif (15906 bytes)

blgcol.gif (9712 bytes)

bls465.gif (491 bytes)

blslogo.gif (187 bytes)

comp2_cp.gif (223705 bytes)

dbag101.gif (552 bytes)

dbag103.gif (554 bytes)

dbag110.gif (521 bytes)

dbag111.gif (550 bytes)

dbag112.gif (459 bytes)

dbag120.gif (497 bytes)

dbag140.gif (539 bytes)

dbag141.gif (509 bytes)

dbag143.gif (465 bytes)

dbag150.gif (590 bytes)

dbag151.gif (595 bytes)

dbaglogo.gif (274 bytes)

dsb-logo.gif (1662 bytes)

dutchclassictrains.gif (127016 bytes)

franccol.gif (20120 bytes)

germacol.gif (37173 bytes)

grececol.gif (40375 bytes)

hrvcol.gif (11483 bytes)

hucol.gif (40349 bytes)

italcol.gif (22330 bytes)

l2plugs.gif (6088 bytes)

Explanation of the various lights and plugs at the front of a BLS class 465, by tobias b köhler

latcol.jpg (132865 bytes)

Latvia colours by

latcol.png (40214 bytes)

Latvia colours by

livree_sangritana_inlgese.gif (71640 bytes)

Ferrovia Adriatico Sangritana FAS livery 1960-2006

more_swi.gif (28515 bytes)

mthb-profile.gif (17134 bytes)

Profile and track plan of the ex-MThB line Konstanz - Wil, by tobias b köhler

pop_2002_ABm.gif (611 bytes)

pop_3004_WLABm.gif (580 bytes)

pop_4002_Bcm.gif (566 bytes)

pop_4005_Bcm.gif (566 bytes)

pop_5013_Bm.gif (564 bytes)

pop_6020_Bm.gif (563 bytes)

rocol.gif (10464 bytes)

sbb460.gif (470 bytes)

sbbae66.gif (583 bytes)

sbblogo.gif (185 bytes)

sbbrbde.gif (774 bytes)

sbbre44.gif (501 bytes)

sbbre66.gif (590 bytes)

scandcol.gif (13881 bytes)

slovcol.gif (16285 bytes)

swisncol.gif (35654 bytes)

swisscol.gif (31104 bytes)

yugocol.gif (11882 bytes)