Class 1600

Picture from the Picture Gallery, click here for the caption.

Number series: 1601-1622/1625
UIC Class: 91 84 1116 xxx-x
Number built: 58
Number in service for ACTS: 3 (July 2009)
Introduced: 1981-1983
Axle arrangement: B'B'
Hourly power rating: 5100kW
Continuous power rating: 2x2270 = 4540kW
Maximum speed: 160km/h (180km/h possible)
Maximum tractive effort: 259kN
Weight in working order: 83 tonnes
Length: 17.640m
Wheel diameter (new): 1260mm
Motors: Alsthom TAB 666 A1
Builder mechanical part: Alsthom (France)
Builder electrical part: Alsthom (France)

In the beginning of the 1980s the Dutch Raiways needed new electric locomotives to replace class 1000 and 1500, and to extend the number of locomotive-hauled trains. NS class 1600 has been bought again from Alsthom in France. This time the class is based on SNCF (France) class BB 7200, and the locomotives have an unmistakable French outline. The locomotives have monomotor bogies and are chopper-controlled (variable frequency). They are capable of 180km/h, but restricted to 160km/h by line speed limits. A single locomotive is only allowed to operate at 120km/h. Multiple traction of two locomotives is in principle possible, but is forbidden because of disturbances in the signalling system.
The locomotives of class 1600 were used for all kinds of trains, from (the first series of) double-deck push-pull commuter trains to very heavy freight trains. They were the main locomotive class for the locomotive-hauled InterCity trains on Haarlem - Maastricht and The Hague - Heerlen. But now class 1700 electric locomotives (replaced in double-deck commuter trains by motor cars class mDDM) have largely replaced class 1600 on these lines, class 1600 will be used more and more on freight trains. Since January 1999 37 members of class 1600 were deployed by Railion Benelux, as the remaining 21 members are mainly used on double-deck push-pull trains (class DDM) and for international trains by NS-Reizigers (NS passenger service). These are now renumbered in the 1800 series.
In August 2000 4 more locomotives were sold to go to NS-Reizigers, 1634-1637 (including the only one in red livery!). In 2002/3 10 more locomotives followed.

As ACTS is taking over some work from Railion, 4 locomotives of this class were hired by ACTS from Railion. Their numbers are 1606, 1609, 1619 and 1621. 1621 was stored in June 2009.