ACTS Nederland B.V.

Originally ACTS (Afzet Container Transport Systeem) was a new system of transferring containers from trucks on a train and vice versa without complicated interchange facilities. All waste transport in The Netherlands has in the mean time been changed to this system.

The company ACTS decided that it would not only deliver the system to existing railway companies, but started a private railway company of their own. They bought second-hand NS electric locomotives, NMBS(D) diesel locomotives and Czech shunters.

In the mean time they not only operate waste trains anymore, but also container trains and other bulk trains. ACTS trains can be spotted on the following lines:

Often the ACTS trains are hauled by multiple traction of an electric locomotive and a diesel locomotive. From 2008 ACTS has taken over quite some domestic traffic from Railion.

Website of ACTS:

Rolling Stock of ACTS Nederland B.V.
1600 1600
E189 E189
6000 6000
6700 6700
7100 7100
513 513/653
Class 66
G2000 G2000