513/653 (Class 66)

Picture from the Railfaneurope.net Picture Gallery, click here for the caption.

Number series: 513-9 (former ER9), JT-4
UIC Class: 92 84 2266 xxx-x
Introduced: 2004
Number in service for ACTS: 2 (December 2009)
Type: JT42CWR
Axle arrangement: Co'Co'
Continuous power rating: 1850kW
Maximum speed: 120km/h
Maximum tractive effort: 409kN
Weight in working order: 127.4 tonnes
Length: 21.930m
Motor: GM 12N-710G3B-EC two stroke of 2462kW at 900rpm
Transmission: Electric
Builder: General Motors, London, Ontaria, Canada

Also ACTS started leasing a locomotive of the famous Class 66, numbered ER9. These locomotives are the same type as British class 66, of which over 300 are already operating with freight operators EWS, FL and GBRf in the UK. The locomotives are built by General Motors in Canada and especially adapted for the European market. The GM type specification is JT42CWR.
The Nedtrain workshop in Tilburg has adapted these locomotives for operation in different countries in Europe. Therefore, they can operate through trains from the port of Rotterdam to destinations in Germany.
In December 2005 Mitsui Rail Capital Europe renamed the class to clas 513. Therefore the first locomotive in service for ACTS is now MRCE 513-9.

In 2006 the locomotive was involved in a head-on collision with a passenger train in Arnhem, and was only restored mid-2007. In the mean time ACTS has also leased locotive number 653-4, formerly known as JT-4. It entered service in May 2007. In October 2008 ACTS leased locomotive 561-4, that was previously used by DLC from Belgium with number DE6304. In August 2009 653-4 was returned to leasing company MRCE. In October 561-4 was returned, such that only one remains with ACTS. But then... in November JT-4 was again hired!