Class 6000

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Number series: 6001-6005
UIC Class: 92 84 2284 60x-x
Number in service for ACTS: 2 (January 2009)
Introduced: 1964 -
In service for ACTS: 1999/2002
Axle arrangement: D
Motor power rating: 478kW
Maximum speed: 60km/h
Maximum tractive effort: 194kN
Weight in working order: 60 tonnes
Length: 10.88m
Motor: KAB 12 KVD 21 SVW
Transmission: Hydraulic
Builder mechanical part: LEW (Germany)
Builder electrical part: LEW (Germany)

In 1999 ACTS obtained a second-hand diesel shunter from the museum railway SSN (Stoom Stichting Nederland), and bought two similar locomotives in the Czech Republic. The locomotives are of type V60 (DBAG class 346). The SSN shunter was used for spare parts, the two Czech locomotives (V60 17699 and 18105) were overhauled by museum railway VSM and taken into service as 6002 and 6003. They are used for shunting with ACTS trains in Rotterdam and Amsterdam.
In the beginning of 2002 ACTS took over the shunting jobs for NS Internationaal at 's-Hertogenbosch (autotrains). For this at first one of the shunters class 6000 was moved to this station, but in April 2002 a new (second-hand) shunter of this class was delivered for this job. Yet another one (6005) arrived in The Netherlands in August 2002, however one of the older units was destroyed in an accident.
In December 2002 shunter 6002 was sold to Shortlines. 6001 was sold for scrap in early 2004, after a major accident in 2003. 6003 is used for spare parts.