Class 6700 (former NMBS 62)

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Number series: 6701-6705
UIC Class: 92 84 2284 67x-x
Number built: 136
Number in service for ACTS: 1 (December 2009)
Introduced: 1961-1966
In service for ACTS: 1999
Axle arrangement: Bo'Bo'
Continuous power rating: 1050kW
Maximum speed: 120km/h
Maximum tractive effort: 212kN
Weight in working order: 78.6 tonnes
Length: 16.79m
Wheel diameter (new): 1010mm
Motor: GM 12-567C
Transmission: Electric
Builder mechanical part: BN (Belgium)
Builder electrical part: GM/ACEC (USA/Belgium)

Class 62 of the Belgian Railways was designed for passenger trains and light freight trains. Many are now only used for freight trains, but some are still used with M2 push-pull stock on passenger duties in Belgium.
In March 1999 private operator ACTS started operating container shuttles between Rotterdam and Veendam in the northeast of The Netherlands, apart from the waste trains it already operated. Because the line between Onnen Yard and Veendam is not electrified they needed diesel locomotives, and they bought 5 class 62 from NMBS/SNCB, renumbered 6701-6705. ACTS now regularly operates electric locomotives class 1250 and these diesel locomotives in multiple with only one driver!
In spring 2002 two class 6700 diesel locomotives were badly damaged in accidents. As a replacement two "standard" class 62 diesels from the Belgian Railways were used. These were joined by another one (and a class 55) because another locomotive of class 6700 broke down. Locomotive 6704 was sold for scrap, and 6701 is used as source for spare parts. In December 2009 only one locomotive - nr. 6002 - was still in service for shunting in Leeuwarden. It is expected that also this one will soon be withdrawn.