Class 189

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Number series: E189 098
UIC Class: 91 84 1189 xxx-x
Number built for Railion: 100
Number in service for ACTS: 1 (January 2009)
Introduced: 2005
Axle arrangement: Bo'Bo'
Continuous power rating: 6400kW (15/25kV) or 4200kW (1500V=)
Maximum speed: 140km/h
Maximum tractive effort: 300kN
Weight in working order: 87 tonnes
Length: 19.580m
Builder: Siemens (Germany)

In 2003 the German Railways introduced new high-power 4-voltage electric locomotives of Siemens type ES64F4. Many similar locomotives have been built for private open-access operators, and DB/Railion took 100 of them: the Baureihe 189.

Locomotives 189 090-099 were sold to Mitsui (MRCE), and ACTS has leased 1 of them from this company.