Class 7100

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Number series: 7101-7110
UIC Class: 92 84 2275 xxx-x
Number in service for ACTS: 7 (January 2010)
In service for ACTS: 2004
Axle arrangement: B'B'
Continuous power rating: 1500kW
Maximum speed: 100km/h
Weight in working order: 87.3 tonnes
Length: 15.300m
Wheel diameter (new): 1000mm
Motor: Caterpillar 3512B DI-TA
Transmission: Hydraulic (Voith L 5r4 zU2)
Builder: Vossloh Locomotives (Kiel - Germany)

As the ACTS shunters of class 6000 would no longer be allowed on the main port line of Rotterdam (because of a new train protection system) ACTS leased two locomotives especially for shunting or short freight runs over the port line. They are leased from Angel Trains Cargo. In 2005-2007 more locomotives followed because of growing traffic. In July 2008 nrs. 7108 and 7109 were delivered and in September 7110. This last one was actally numbered 1508. In June 2009 nr. 1648 followed, which was exchanged in September for nr. 7110. At the end of 2009 locomotives 7101, 7102 and 7110 were returned to the leasing company because of the end of the Acht and Born shuttles (now operated by DB Schenker).

The locomotives are of the standard type G1206 of Vossloh Locomotives (former MaK) in Kiel in Germany. Also ERS, Strukton, Veolia and R4C have locomotives of this type. Some are not in the ACTS (old or new) livery, but in Portfeeders livery. Portfeeders is a brand of ACTS used for short runs in the port of Rotterdam.