Class GTW2/8 "Velios"

Picture from the Picture Gallery, click here for the caption.

Number series: 351 - 360
UIC numbers: 95 84 520 7351 - 7360
Number built: 6
Number in service: 10 (December 2009)
Introduced: 2007
Axle arrangement: 2'2'Bo'2'
Continuous power rating: 600kW
Maximum speed: 140km/h
Weight in working order: 87 tonnes
Length: 55.937m
Floor height: 830mm/996mm
Wheel diameter (new): 860mm/750mm
Transmission: Diesel-Electric
Builder: Stadler (Switzerland)
Passenger seating: 16 first and 159 second class

When Veolia started operating Nijmegen-Roermond in December 2006 they didn't have new trainsets yet. For the time being they hired "Wadloper" DMUs from NS (these were used by Arriva before).

In Autumn the first new trainset of type GTW2/8 from Stadler was delivered. The first sets entered service with the timetable change in December 2007. Together with the smaller GTW2/6 they will operate all trains on the line Nijmegen-Venlo-Roermond. In Spring 2008 the last ones were taken into service and all "Wadloper" DMUs were taken out of service.

To extend the capacity of the trainsets, 2-car nrs. 206-210 got an extra middle car and were renumbered 357-360. This action was finished by December 2009.