Veolia Transport

Veolia is a new player in the Dutch railway market. Already during 2006 Veolia Cargo started to operate open-access freight trains, focused on the port of Rotterdam. The freight operations have now been taken over by SNCF Fret Benelux.

Veolia won the concession to operate passenger trains in Limburg in the southeast of the country from December 2006. The following lines are now operated by Veolia:

Veolia did not yet have trainsets of its own at first. Therefore electric and diesel trainsets were hired from NS. The diesel trainsets were actually second-hand from Arriva and this caused a lot of trouble: not enough trainsets were available at the start of the timetable, and the 100km/h maximum speed is not enough for running on time.
The new diesel trainsets "Velios" from Stadler have now entered service, and the electric version followed at the end of 2008.

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Rolling Stock of Veolia Transport
Trainsets and motor cars
200 GTW2/6
350 GTW2/8
500 EGTW2/6
650 EGTW2/8