Class GTW2/8 "Velios"

Picture from the Picture Gallery, click here for the caption.

Number series: 651 - 653
UIC numbers: 95 84 520 7601 - 7603
Number built: 3
Number in service: 3 (January 2009)
Introduced: 2008
Axle arrangement: 2'Bo'2'2'
Continuous power rating: 1100kW
Maximum tractive effort: 80kN
Maximum speed: 140km/h
Weight in working order: 90 tonnes
Length: 55.937m
Floor height: 830mm/996mm
Wheel diameter (new): 860mm/750mm
Transmission: Electric (1500V=)
Builder: Stadler (Switzerland)
Passenger seating: 16 first and 159 second class

Veolia not only took over Nijmegen-Venlo-Roermond (diesel) over from NS, but also Maastricht Randwijck-Maastricht-Heerlen-Kerkrade (electrified). For the first line new diesel trainsets were ordered, and for the second line similar electric trainsets. Five 2-car and three 3-car (both with a short motor compartment) were ordered from Stadler.

During 2008 these new electric trainsets have replaced the trainsets Plan V that were hired from NS at the start of the concession.