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ÖBB Ampz 73 81 18-91 224-0 in Kufstein, 16-07-2013.

© Eddy Konijnendijk.

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ÖBB first class open coach Ampz 73 81 18-91 242-2. First built in early 1990 as Amz 73 81 18-91 002-0 (with eight six-seat compartments and one "manager compartment"), rebuilt 1996 into Amz 73 81 19-91 042-5 (with nine six-seat compartments), again rebuilt 2005 with open interior.

ÖBB-EC 668 "Steirisches Thermenland", currently Graz - Landeck (due to closure of Arlberg line after floods - regular routing would be to Bregenz), Graz Hbf, 2005-09-25.

tobias b köhler

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ÖBB first class open coach Ampz 73 81 18-91 242-2. This is one of the coaches with MD522 bogies. Another car, the 73 81 18-91 235-4, has been rebuilt in the same way, that one with SGP300 bogies. It is not clear whether all 50 Amz73 coaches will be rebuilt in the same way.

ÖBB-EC 668 "Steirisches Thermenland", Graz Hbf, 2005-09-25.

tobias b köhler

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ÖBB first class open coach Ampz 73 81 18-91 242-2, interior. The entrance rooms and lavatories remain the same size, the seating area is one room of almost 21 m length without any partitions. The seats (of type Compin Auriga) are the same as in other refurbished Ampz and ADmpsz coaches - not very well aligned with the windows, so from some rows the view is not particularly good.

ÖBB-EC 668 "Steirisches Thermenland", between Graz and Leoben, 2005-09-25.

tobias b köhler

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MAV EC62/"EC Bartók Béla/ is passing under the bridge, class ÖBB coach./Budapest Keleti-München Hbf/

Digital photo: B. Krisztian

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R47 traianus-OBB first class car Ampz (upgraded) in Arad station.

Photo by Coste Paul(