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Galgenbergtunnel_O.jpg (161024 bytes)

View from above the eastern entrance of the Galgenbergtunnel to Leoben Hbf. You can see the lines from Donawitz (left) and Hinterberg (right) which both don't have much regular traffic. 2011-04-03.

tobias b köhler

Galgenbergtunnel_Ost.jpg (137702 bytes)

The east end of the Galgenbergtunnel (to St. Michael). The track to the right goes to Donawitz and Trofaiach (Erzbergbahn). West of Leoben Hbf, 2009-04-13.

tobias b köhler

StMichael_tunnel_1042+G_1.jpg (141657 bytes)

ÖBB 1042 018 with a short freight almost reached the western (St. Michael) end of the 5462 m long Galgenbergtunnel, where the new (1998) cutoff and the old line unite, 17.09.2004.

Photo by Dániel Kemény

StMichael_tunnel_view_1.jpg (156795 bytes)

Western entrance of the 5462 m Galgenbergtunnel (opened 1998), with the old line branching off to the right, east of St. Michael/Austria, 17.09.2004.

Photo by Dániel Kemény

StMichael_tunnel_view_2.jpg (138837 bytes)

The old Leoben-St. Michael line above the river Mur, as seen from near the western entrance of the new Galgenbergtunnel cutoff (opened 1998), 17.09.2004.

Photo by Dániel Kemény