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DB_car_TUI.jpg (120972 bytes)

TUI car at the end of the Lehár-Express. The locomotive is the 1146 of the ÖBB and the train consist of one MÁV "Komfort" car, one ÖBB 1st class coach, one MÁV dining car, four ÖBB 2nd class coaches and the TUI car. Budapest-Déli, June 1988.

Photo and scan by Czéh György (

TUI0990201.jpg (148972 bytes)

TUI 61 80 09-90 201-5 WGtmh at Ferrara in 1989.

Photo and scan by Jacopo Fioravanti (

110_115_TUI_Ferienexpress_Bochum_1981.jpg (154867 bytes)

110 115 TUI Ferienexpress Bochum 1981.jpg

Photo: Rolf Wiemann Dortmund,