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Villeneuvestgeorgespompadour79-160.jpg (162472 bytes)

SNCF Pompadour 1979 : A class BB 7200 is conveying several engines from Villeneuve to Paris Charolais, in the neighbourhood of the main station of Paris Gare de Lyon. These engines are : BB 1607 , CC 7100, BB 67400 , 2D2 9100 The hauling engine is brand new in 1979. The last 1607 has been delivered in 1924... Photo JF Hameau 1979

7293ler.jpg (69091 bytes)

A BB7200 Class with 9335 dead in tow behind it, heads a southbound freight at Le Roucal south of the Dordogne near Souillac, 28/06/98. I only just got the camera out for this shot as the barriers at a level crossing came down as we approached.

Photo copyright Stephen Dance (

7200_9325_Z27850_Toulouse_23jan10.jpg (159481 bytes)

BB 9325 et Z27850 Toulouse Matabiau 23/01/2010

Photo Christian Fincato (

27007vix.jpg (148394 bytes)

Sncf dual electric BB 27007 is leaving Villeneuve Yard out of tension, hauled by a BB 7200. It is not yet operating freight trains, to which it is dedicated. Picture taken through the glass of a crossing train Z2N.
September 2001, 12th.

Photo and scan Patrick Meunier