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In the mid 60s the Yugoslavian Railways (JŽ) decided to change the power supply to 25kV and 50Hz. The first line to use the new system was supposed to be the most important line in the former Yugoslavia, the Zagreb - Belgrade line. Since the current of 3000V was the only type of current used on the whole JŽ network (Slovenia and Zagreb – Rijeka line in Croatia) at the time (today this current is used in Slovenia and on the Zagreb - Rijeka line), the new electrification system demanded new locomotives. The JŽ opted for Swedish ASEA locomotives because Yugoslavian factories were able to produce them on license. The locomotive is an improved version of a Swedish Rb class locomotive. 80 Swedish locomotives had been delivered to the JŽ a short time before the electrification of the Zagreb - Belgrade line was finished, so they were kept in depots until they started operating in July 1969. Locomotives from the series 441 with Bo’-Bo’ axle formula are universal locomotives used for hauling heavy freight trains or fast passenger trains on mountain and lowland lines. In July 1969, the locomotives from the JŽ series 441 were officially launched. Immediately after the event Končar (in the time Rade Končar), assisted by other Yugoslavian factories, started producing this type of locomotives. It was the first type of electric locomotives ever produced in Yugoslavia. In total, 6 subseries were produced and some of them were slightly improved, so former JŽ subseries 3, 4, 5, 7, and 8 have an electro-dynamic brake, subseries 3, 5, and 8 have remote control piloting system, and the subseries 7 had the maximum speed of 160 km/h. This type was the fastest one to be used on the JŽ network till new locomotives from the series 442 appeared.

The 441 locomotives (HŽ 1141) are still the most numerous locomotives on the HŽ network (this series represents 2/3 of all electric locomotives in HŽ). In the mid 90s, Končar started producing an improved version of the 1141 locomotive. The result of this modernization is a new thyristor type of the locomotive, which was labeled 1141 301.

Croatian language - Hrvatski jezik

Specifications (general)

Electric parts manufacturer

Asea (Sweden) - 1968; later Koncar

Mechanical parts manufacturer

Gjuro Gjakovic, Janko Gredelj - 1981 -?


1968 - 1981

No build (total)

cca 365 (SJ, HŽ, ŽBH, ŽRS, JŽ, MŽ, CFR)

No build (for HŽ)


In service since

July 1969

Class id

1141 0, 1141 1 and 1141 2

Class id (JŽ)



1141 001 - 1141 047; 1141 101 - 1141 110; 1141 201 - 235

No of units in HŽ


In service (active)





1141 039 rebuild to 1141 301 (thyristor locomotive)



Cab comfort equipment

air conditioning (in some units)



Technical specifications

Subclass 0 Subclass 1 Subclass 2

Wheel arrangement



1435 mm

Power supply

25 kV 50 Hz

Tot weight

76 t

Axle pressure

19.5 t

Max power

3400 kW (4624 hp)

Tractive effort

275 kN

Max speed

120 km/h 

160 km/h

Brakes Electro-dynamic brake (some units)* - Electro-dynamic brake

Motor control

43 step switching (58 V - 1265 V)
Electric traction motor RK ISVK 644-8 (850 kW, 1180 A, 870 V)
Traction motor ventilator 4 AZ 112 M-2
Thyristor converter PJUT 135D (135 kWA, 892 V)
Motor ventilator 4 AZ 132 A-2 (5.5 kW)
Motor compressor 2 AD 307-4 B3 (36 kW)
Compressor Westinghouse 243 VC

* JŽ subclasses 5 and 7 has electro dynamic brake - JŽ subclass 7 is today HŽ subclass 2, but units from JŽ subclasses 0 and 5 are now Croatian subclass 0. 


Length incl. buffers

15500 mm


3100 mm


4650 mm

Boggy center distance

7700 mm

Wheel diam.

1250 mm

Trainspotting tip

You can perceive the 1141 series (with the subclasses 0, 1 and 2) on all AC powered lines of HŽ hauling passenger and freight trains. On Dobova — Zagreb — Vinkovci line these units haul principally local trains (while the expresses are mostly assigned to the 1142 series). On all other lines 1141 series units haul all the trains (with an exception of Zagreb — Sisak line, which is mainly covered with the 6111 class EMU-s). If you arrive from Slovenia, there is a fair possibility to spot the 1141 series on the eastern part of Slovenian border station in Dobova. These locomotives can be seen both in the old (ex Yugoslav) red livery (with a white line in the middle) and in the new blue-silver livery.