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Locomotive 1142, used for hauling passenger and freight trains on mountain and lowland lines, is the first locomotive developed and produced in Croatia. Constructionally, it is based on locomotive 1141 (JŽ 441), even though in many ways it can be considered a brand new type: most importantly, this locomotive is more powerful and equipped with thyristor motor control and a more modern case design. In the early 80, the former ŽTP Zagreb was looking for a new locomotive, better than locomotives from the series 441, subseries 7, which were the best locomotives at the time. The factory Končar, in cooperation with the factory Janko Gredelj, made the first prototype and delivered it to ŽTP Zagreb on 4th October 1981. After a several years long testing, 15 locomotives 442 were ordered from Končar. Locomotive HŽ 1142 (JŽ 442) is equipped with an electro-dynamic brake (2400kW), a device for bandage oiling, an auto stop device, a radio device, and a multiple operation function. In the late 80s, ŽTO Sarajevo (presently Bosnian and Herzegovinian Railways or the BIH Railways) showed a considerable interest in locomotive 442. It was supposed to buy 5 items, but the deal never came through on the account of the war. The JŽ (ŽTO Belgrade, at the time) also showed a general interest, but it has never bought any locomotives because the speed limit on that part of the network was only 140 km/h. There were also certain indications that some railway companies outside Europe might buy locomotive 442 (Iran and China, for example). One of the 16 locomotives 1142 was destroyed during the war, in 1991 in Vinkovci. The other 3 were operated by the Hungarian Railways (MAV) in the late 90s. Today all 1142 locomotives are on the HŽ network.

Specifications (general)




1981 (prototype); 1984 - 1989

Launched 26th September 1981 (prototype); 20th November 1989 (1142 016)

No build (total)


No build (for HZ)


In service


Class id


Class id (JŽ)



1142 001 - 1142 016

No of units in HŽ


In service (active)



1 (1142 002); destroyed in the war 1991st





Cab comfort equipment

air condition, lavatory, refrigerator



Technical specifications

Wheel arrangement



1435 mm

Power supply

25 kV 50 Hz

Max power

4400 kW

Max speed

160 km/h 

Train heating capacity

800 kVA

Brake system

dynamic (2400/4000 kW)

Motor control


Multiple operation 1142 001 - 016
Electric traction motor RK IVK 644-8 (1100 kW, 1330 A, 870 V)
Thyristor corrector

2100 A, 900 V

Thyristor converter PJUT 135T (135 kWA, 892 V)
Motor of the compressor 4 AZ 200 M-4 (42 kW)
Motor of the ventilator - upper 4 AZ 132 (5.5 kW)
Motor of the ventilator - lower 4 AZ 132 (5.5 kW)
Ventilator of the oil cooler 4 AZ 132 Sa-2 (5.5 kW)
Motor of the aux. compressor 0.75 kW, 110 V DC
Compressor Bauer type SV 30 DG-S (rotary)


Length incl. buffers

15890 mm


4630 mm

Boggy center distance

7700 mm

Wheel diam

 1259 (new), 1140 (min)

Trainspotting tip

The 1142 class locomotives can be observed on Zagreb — Vinkovci line hauling IC trains or heavy freight trains, and occasionally on Zagreb — Dobova (Slovenia) line, as well as Zagreb — Koprivnica line (but very oddly). The units still have the original red-orange livery with white stripes. The three units which were borrowed to MÁV (Hungary) have a tiny little distinctive spot: the HŽ sign on the front sides is white with black line inside.